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Apr 17th, 2008, 03:51
hi everybody!..,here's the latest one,..hope you like

http://www.skysequence.com/raulguerrero/Raul_Guerrero_divine_metaphysics.mp3 (http://www.skysequence.com/raulguerrero/Raul_Guerrero_divine_metaphysics.mp3)

1.- Sebastan Davidson Weekend love Raul G.intro edit
2.- Wagon Cookin Mallorca Sasse remix Wagon Cookin
3.- Trimthefat LazySuzy Victor Kill remix RaulG.edit
4.- Mikey Gallagher Roulette - what happens in Vegas croupier edit Shangahai Sessions
5.- J Khobb Let me take you Spio & Sleazy tek remix Raul G.edit
6.- Alex V Floating Justified entertainment
7.- Jerico Contact Groove Matic - Bellarine Recordings
8.- Muzzaik Out of reach Add2basket & Interplay remix Stealth Records
9.- Mat Playford The spell Saved Records
10.- Jozef Mahilik Listen Russell G s lost mix Raul G.edit
11.-Sebastian Davidson Weekend Love Olav Basoski Kiki digital
12.- Avilo Easy 15 Kasey Talor remix RaulG. Edit
13.- Parallel Sound Night Moves - Whoop
14.- Island 9 French Heist Avangardia
15.- Parallel Sound Phase 2 Whoop
16.- Heartache You got the touch Emjae Dub - LaMode
17.- Luke Porter Limits RaulG.edit
18.-Jose Orellana - When 2 go Pino Music

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