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May 24th, 2008, 21:05
I've been a listener to Ah.fm for quite a while now but recently the thought of becoming, well trying to become, a DJ of sorts.

I would like to mix on CDs and/or MP3s and create House like music.

I have absolutly no idea where to start with this project besides getting something like 2 Pioneer CDJ 400s for mixing. So a list of some starting equipment would be nice :p


May 26th, 2008, 15:17
to cut it down to a simple list Interface

- CD players
- Mixer (2 ch for starters perhaps)
- Headphones

This alone would do for starters and practicing, but connected to a sound system of some sort would be ideal, and trains your ears!

so hence
- Your home stereo system, as long as it has RCA inputs, perhaps digital coaxial if your mixer allows!
- Speakers driven by an amp (also called passive speakers)
- Powered Speakers (have amp contained within)
- Studio Monitors (would only suggest these if your serious)

One tip mate: stick to your budget, it protects yourself incase you go off it!

need help on the speakers or setup further, get in touch! i love talking gear!

hope this helps :grinning: