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Jun 26th, 2008, 19:48
Hi Guys,this is junes edition of my 'Moments of Energy' radio show - ive included some of my latest favourite upllifing tracks of the summer,the 'past classic' comes in the form of a tune Ferry,Tiesto & Rank 1 were all involved in back in the day,and theres also another old Kansai track in there,another personal favourite of mine - any feedback/comments appreciated :music:

Moments of Energy 011 :::::

01 Tiesto feat. BT - Break My Fall (Adam Kay,Pettigrew & Soha remix) [Nebula]
02 Andy Duguid feat. Leah - Wasted [Songbird]
03 Solarstone - 4Ever [Highnote]
04 Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Albion mix) [Data] *past classic*
05 Kansai - Remember This Night [Platipus]
06 Push - Voyager [Club Elite]
07 Med vs. Neil Bamford - One (Magdelayna Remix) [CD-R]
08 Talla 2XLC - No In Between (John O'Callaghan mix) [Breeze]
09 Defcon Audio - Trailblazer (Med remix) [Defcon One]

LINK >> http://www.sendspace.com/file/e5ed4a

Adam :)

Jun 28th, 2008, 01:23
This is an awesome show, mate, had it on 3 times now :super:

Your mix of One is gorgeous too by the way :music:

Jun 28th, 2008, 12:17
Cheers Laz :hug:

Jun 28th, 2008, 16:37
thats a farorite Mix for me thanks for share this one
Dear DJ Dee Lane

Jul 3rd, 2008, 16:31
EXCELLENT MIX!:super::super::super::grinning:
When we can expect Your next one?

Jul 5th, 2008, 14:08
Cheers Guys...

Silver_Dolphin : next epidsode is on July 22nd :music:

Im also doing a guest mix in a couple of weeks,which i will put up for D/load here :)

Jul 5th, 2008, 18:58
A wonderful mix! Thanks a lot for this one :D