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GebRieL Brothers
Oct 6th, 2008, 20:29

DJ Name: GebRieL Brothers.

How long you have been a DJ: 8 Years

Style of music played: Trance , Techno , Electronica ,TechTrance

Bio: GebRieL Brothers allways dreamed about taking part in the electronic music scene. They began There way at age 16, Dj'ing in some of the major clubs and high class private parties in Egypt. There big breakthrough was at the "Sling" club, there he supported There new line of music and There reputation only got bigger and bigger. After completing There millitary service, They stopped Dj'ing for a while in order to build There studio and they enrolled to "BPM" Musical College, Taking professional "Sound & Mastering", They finished top of the class. Then on he started There career as a producer and elevated There name to a very honorable place in the Electronic music scene. While There reputation was growing, They was invited by Paul Van Dyk ,Almani Records, to work on "Heppner's" "i Feel You" remix. The single was released at "Dance Nation 5" CD collection, and was a huge success all over the world. GebRieL Brothers was in charge of producing Amr Diab ("Neoal Eah Remix) In The Album "It'll Take An Effect On The Radio And All Sides Of The World ,,,,,and many more remixes alike.
,The Remixes
Schiller mit Heppner - I Feel You (GebRieL Brothers Extended Club Mix) ,
Amr Diab - Ana Leek [GebRieL Brothers Killer Tribal Mix] ,
El-Osely - Men Ana (GebRieL Brothers Hard Tribal Mix) ,
Bob Sinclar - Love Generation (GebRieL Brothers Hi Speed Tribal Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers Ft. Andex - Last Christmas (Love Us 2007 Edit) ,
GebRieL Brothers - Tonight(Club Mix) ,
First Original Mix We Mixed (KaRim & Blal GebRiel) ,
Beyonce - Deja Vu (GebRieL Brothers Revolution Dub Mix),
GebRieL Brothers - Another One Loved Us (Moving Mix) ,
Carl B Feat. Breaking Benjamin - The Diary Of Jane (GebRieL Brothers Mix) ,
KaRim & Blal GebRieL_Ft._BT_-_Love_Comes_Again (GebRieL Brothers 2007 Edit)

,And The Originals ,,
GebRieL Brothers - The Sound Of GebRieL Brothers (Original Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - Ya Leil (Original Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - Ya Leil (Original Dub Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - TheTruth (Original Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - Looking Around (Original Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - Traffic (Original Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - The Dark Side Of Egypt (Original Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - Lights Off (Original Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - Running (Original Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - 300 Spartens (Original Mix) ,
GebRieL Brothers - Tribal Egypt (Original Mix)


GebRieL Brothers - ''Trancology'' The Tower.

01-Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (Original Mix)
02-Paul Van Dyk - Complicated (Kyau & Albert Remix)
03-Anjunabeats - Volume One (7 Skies & Static Blue Remix)
04-Nitrous Oxide & Robert Nickson feat Elsa Hill - Never again ( Nitrous Oxide remix)
05-Static Blue ft. Catherine - Closer to you (Original Delay Mix)
06-Kristina Sky & Randy Boyer - Set It Off (Original Mix)
07-Firstorm - Solstice (Kamil Polner & Lucas B Remix)
08-Paul van Dyk - Castaway (Jon 'O Bir remix)
09-Paul Van Dyk feat. Ashley Tomberlin - New York City (Super8 & Tap Remix)
10-Sean Tyas - Blue Sunshine (original Mix)
11-Armin Van Buuren - If you Should Go (GebRiel BroThers Mashup)

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