View Full Version : Randy Boyer, farewell East Coast!

Oct 7th, 2008, 14:41
So, we all know that Randy is going to be starting his TOUR with DARUDE soon!! He will be in Hartford one last time before he takes off!!!

Friday October 10th Randy Boyer @ Room 960, Hartford CT!!

REDUCED list, please email me: sam@randyboyer.com
go to this link: http://forum.ah.fm/other-cities-states/13251-hartdord-ct-10-10-08-randy-boyer-room-960-a.html#post533589 (in cities/other here at ah.fm)

everyone come and ENJOY its going to be an AWESOME night as usual!!:super:

Oct 30th, 2008, 17:25
What a great show!!! omg!! We got the first chance to hear ADENS DREAM live by the man!!! Freaking FABULOUS!! Im still dreaming of this night....

Make sure to check out the pics!! www.randyboyer.com (http://www.randyboyer.com) - on the ALL NEW web site...BEAUTIFUL

ALSO @ www.mikeymcnulty.com (http://www.mikeymcnulty.com) the one and only awesome photog- Mr McNulty!!

and ....gunna throw it out there.... www.randyboyer.com/forum (http://www.randyboyer.com/forum) join- get free music, talk to randy...listen to me rant and rave....laugh at elyse and her craziness.....do it. NOW!! we worked hard on the new forum, youll love it :) :) :)