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Oct 26th, 2008, 23:55
Hello Again :super:

I've been working hard learning to mix.

And once again, i would appreciate any comments with my first Set..

Well, here it is :music::music::music::music::music:

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting (http://rapidshare.com/files/157821027/Mellow_Moments.rar.html)

I named it "Mellow Moments"

Tracklist =

01 = Mat zo - Rush
02 = Sundriver - City lights (original mix)
03 = ATA - Ocean breeze (afterwhite remix)
04 = Tom cloud - Ray of light
05 = 4 strings - Take me away (re-ward dub)
06 = Mr.Sam feat. Cloud 9 - Cygnes
07 = Sunlounger - lost (club mix)
08 = Danjo and styles - Duende 2008 (danjo's kanova guitar remix)
09 = andy moor - So much more (Myon and shane54 remix)
10 = Airbase - Denial (original mix)
11 = Solarstone - Spectrum (duderstadt remix)
12 = Above and beyond - Home (stoneface and terminal remix)
13 = Breakfast - The sunlight

All comments welcome once again :grinning:

It has a pleasant progressive feel to the start, working it's way to those summer feeling kinda choons, and picking up a bit of pace towards the end.



Oct 27th, 2008, 03:45
First transition was a little on the quiet side, and again that is just a question of the spot you chose to cue it in.
Second one the Ocean Breeze didn’t quite work at all, sounds were clashing …personally I would have started the set with this track…the sound of the crashing waves is too beautiful to skip and would be a perfect opening.
Third worked better.
Fourth was quite good.
Fifth one Cygnes was a bit rough it suddenly cut off Take Me Away
Onto the 7th track worked out well. (leaving aside the fact that is a vocal track ):tongue:
Onto the 8th track worked good.
Onto 9th track there’s just a bit of offbeat but the transition worked very good.
Onto 10th track worked well.
Onto 11th track was not bad still cut off a bit too sudden the Denial
Onto 12th track worked out good.
Onto 13th track worked well.

Overall my impression is that you just need to work out better cue points for the tracks and take a bit longer to fade them in and out instead of just cutting it off, having said that you will have to try it for yourself because for some tracks may work well.

As for flow I would have had those three tracks at the beginning as they are more on the mellow side.
03 = ATA - Ocean breeze (afterwhite remix) 01
04 = Tom cloud - Ray of light 02
05 = 4 strings - Take me away (re-ward dub)

Keep going you’ll get there.