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Donna Marie
Nov 15th, 2008, 12:23
DJ Name: Donna Marie
How long you have been a DJ: mixing for 2 n half years now
Style of music played:Trance from prog - tech, uplifting
Bio: (A brief introduction about yourself)
Hi im Donna, have been mixing for about 2 n half years now had a passion for music from a young age although only just strated to play out in clubs in the past few months. I just get enjoyment from music and ifi can bring enjoyment to other people by the music i play then even the more reason to keep doing it :O)

01.Ridgewalkers - Find (intro mix)[Armada]
02.Myon & Shane - Not Alot Left [Anjunabeats]
03. Ohmna - Satori Waterfalls[Armada]
04. Kyau & Albert - Hide & Seek (Lange Mix)[Euphonic]
05. Ville Lope - Those Mellow Moments[Finity]
06. One Republic - Say All I Need (Benya Mix)(whitelabel)
07. Blank & Jones - California Sunset [Malestrom]
08. D:Folt feat Marcie - Hold Me UP[System Recordings]
09. Stoneface & Terminal - Blueprint [Armada]
10.Tom Cloud - Ray Of Light (In Trance We Trust)

Download Link:
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Vicky Wood
Nov 15th, 2008, 13:07
liking this :) 20 mins in so far and helping me get thru some housework hehe :mml:

Donna Marie
Nov 15th, 2008, 14:22
lol cheers hunni :O)
shall ave t post a nother one soon :O)