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Nov 26th, 2008, 17:34
:music: :( No one from rhode island? I need to know good places where plays fine trance ppl!!!!! ..anyone

Jul 21st, 2009, 01:37
Hey I live in North Providence. There really is no place anymore in RI for good music. Occasionally Therapy Afterhours is good. Hit me up!

Sep 20th, 2009, 15:46
I live in pawtucket:D

Sep 20th, 2009, 18:00
Hey there! I'm James. If you ever know of any good club nights, or afterhours or want company going out hit me up. jfwhiteiv@hotmail.com:super:

Sep 20th, 2009, 18:59
i think they don't have good clubs in providence...

Sep 20th, 2009, 20:02
Rise in Boston is good. They have raves occasionally around New England. Go to The New Rave Order Website and Click on events in New England.

Sep 20th, 2009, 23:02
in my country trance is very popular i can go every day to party, I talk about POLAND everybody know trance in Poland, but here nobody listening trance :( only few people

Sep 21st, 2009, 00:53
Trance and Dance music used to be very popular here from 1996 till 2002 then President Bush passed an anti Rave Act which banned raves and nightclubs and big events from having parties. Trust me I miss it sooooo much!!!!

Sep 21st, 2009, 23:41
from time to time providence has some great stuff....and someone mentioned boston as well.....and we even have tiesto coming to Lowell MA next week ;)

Ill post more stuff for everyone- ive been slacking!!! sorry

Make sure to keep checking and make sure to join www.tranceaddict.com (http://www.tranceaddict.com) ny board ;)

Tommy Kaira
Mar 2nd, 2010, 20:32
Rofl, didnt know about that until now. >.>

May 3rd, 2010, 20:32
Sorry I didn't reply back jfwhiteiv, since I moved from Rhode Island I haven't checked this thread.....now I'm living in California and let me tell you.....best place 2 be!

Providence was boring as hell......but people is very nice and the city is tripy.......I'm planning to go visit and meybe we can go rave somewhere....maybe MA \m/