View Full Version : Faruk Sabanci - January 2009 Promo Mix

Faruk S.
Jan 4th, 2009, 00:46
Hi everybody;

I hope the new year brings all of you happiness and success. From this year onwards, I'll be posting a promo mix every month which will be made up of all sorts of Trance music (Uplifting,Tech,Progressive etc) and lots of brand new material you never heard before, so check them out :)

01. Faruk Sapan - Ten Days [CD-R]
02. Faruk Sabanci & Aeden - Istanbul (Evgeny Bardyuzha Remix) [Redux]
03. Lodos - Gloom [CD-R]
04. Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm (Randy Boyer Mix) [CD-R]
05. Dave Graham feat. Cat Martin Love Always Fades (Michael De Kooker Remix) [Soundpiercing]
06. Darioef feat Vicky Vee - 2 AM (Xgenic Remix) [Istmo]
07. Leon Bolier & Galen Behr - Acapulco (W&W Remix) [Spinnin']
08. Randy Katana - One Solid Wave [Spinnin'] (Classic)
09. Thomas Bronzwaer - Certitude [Armada]
10. Mac & Taylor - Techphoria [CD-R]

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Jan 4th, 2009, 20:47
can't wait to give a listen. :music:
Thanks Faruk:hug:

Jan 4th, 2009, 22:12
the tracklist looks very interesting :cat:

downloading now and will return with feedback later on :wink:

Jan 5th, 2009, 00:32
back now. overall, this was a pretty good set, as i really love techy styled sets. the only tunes that i didnt like very much in this set were the vocals ones as they were too whiny for me to handle :crazy:. However, the set build up from slower, progressive tunes, to big room tech tunes was very good and the transitions were flawless. :music: Speaking of progressive, i really liked those first two productions of urs. well done. :good2:

tunes 7 to 10 totally rocked my socks :bounce::bounce::bounce:

on a 1 to 5 scale, i'm scoring this set a 4/5. :book:

i look forward to more promo mixes of urs in the future; keep em coming mate. :bravo:

Faruk S.
Jan 8th, 2009, 18:04
Glad you like it, i'd appreciate any sort of sharing of these mixes on the internet =)