View Full Version : Top 3 House Music Clubs in Paris, France

Jan 20th, 2009, 06:08
I'm going to Paris, France at the end of April 09. Curious of the top three clubs that play any techno/house/trance music...

Experiences welcome from those that live in Paris, or anyone who's been there.

Thanks so much.


Jan 26th, 2009, 01:46
Top 3 :
- Les bains douches (downstairs)
- Queen
- Rex Club.

so far, nothing announced for the end of april but ... few monthes to go, i'll try to keep you updated ... ;)

Before you ask more details about those clubs, they all are in Paris, Queen is the most expensive and fashion (its on the champs elysées). They are more electro / house than trance but since last year, we do have some trance guests sometimes and .. when it happens, well, we (the french trance addicts :p) are always there .. :)

Jan 29th, 2009, 02:59
I've checked out all three of those online, and I'm thinking that Rex Club is the place I'm going to visit, though possibly Queen. It all depends on the day that I show up in Paris. I appreciate your response muchly, and look forward to the updates. Thank you so much.

Mar 27th, 2009, 17:22
hey, dunno when exactly you're coming but so far :

11.04.09 Tiesto @ Queen Club - Paris
18.04.09 DJ MYTYK @ Yono Bar - Paris (he plays trance)

02.05.09 Sensations @ La Scène Bastille - Paris (they play trance. It's not a Sensation white but they are kinda copy cat lol)