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Mar 13th, 2009, 01:14
Hey guys, I've just received my pair of Denon DN-HP 1000 headphones. They're called "DJ" headphones, so I said to myself "Well, why not give a little info on these babies?"

First some specs:

Dimensions (when opened): 6.49"W x 8.1"H x 1.61"D
Weight: 11.28 oz.
Cord length: 3.9' flaccid/10' stretched
Load impedance: 36 ohms
Driver size: 53mm
Transducer type: dynamic
Frequency response: 5~33,000Hz
Channels: L/R stereo
Sensitivity (1mW): 105dB/mW (JEITA)
Maximum input: 3500mW

Dynamic, closed-back design
Large 53mm drivers
Folding design
180-degree reinforced swivel joints
Dual size H/P connector
Semi-coiled soft insulated cord

Now..I've put these on, and they have a snug fit. They swivel and flip easily. The extensions on each side of the band are made of tough plastic..and it's not loose, so no trouble keeping the headphones adjusted to your head.

When I listened to a few trance songs..(this is subjective..so don't take only my word for it)..you hear more definition in the sound..for example, the low end of the sound spectrum (basses)..you actually heard the almost indistinguishable extra hit or note hear and there that I didn't notice while listening to stock Creative earbuds (ep-830 if you're curious)

Also, I asked some siblings to yell at me (they're good at that, don't worry :P) from a close room just to test isolation..and..nope..nothing..but I'm sure this kind of effect can be achieved with any decent isolating headphones.

Now the only thing I found missing that some DJs may not like is the Mono/Stereo switch.

That's about all I've got for now..I've just opened the box an hour ago..so maybe another time I'll update if need be.

Now, for some pictures..


Jun 26th, 2009, 02:23
They are beautiful T_T:super:

Nice Buy :bravo:

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Quem me dera a mim ter uns...:)