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May 1st, 2009, 08:29
Saturday 7.10
Massive Event presents
Cosmic Gate
'Sign of The Times' Album Tour
w/ DJ Eco and Brad Miller



Very limited $20 tickets available here (http://www.wantickets.com/eventdetail.aspx?e_id=56257)

Massive Event brings you a rare intimate performance at Love from the legendary top 100 German trance duo Cosmic Gate. Over 10 boundary-pushing years, Nic Chagall and Bossi have evolved Cosmic Gate into one of the most creative and highly-sought-after electronic music acts in the world. Revered producers, their musical acumen has seen them become long-term favorites among the trance elite. With 3 hugely successful albums and anthems like ‘Body of Conflict', ‘I Feel Wonderful', ‘Analog Feel,' ‘Exploration of Space' and 'Fire Wire,' the duo is back with a fourth milestone album - "Sign of The Times" which delivers a perfect, cutting edge mixture of progressive trance. With a tour diary rammed full for the upcoming year, the duo continues to gain followers and champion their forward thinking sound.
179 MacDougal St (at W 8th)
Doors at 10pm | 18+

Cosmic-Gate.de (http://cosmic-gate.de)
MusicIsLove.net (http://www.musicislove.net)
MassiveEvent.com (http://www.massiveevent.com)

May 5th, 2009, 11:55
Updated ticket link, please click here if the above link does not work:

Massive Event Present Cosmic Gate "Sign Of The Times" Album Release Tour @ Love Love COSMIC GATE - Wantickets.com (http://www.wantickets.com/EventDetail.aspx?e_id=56213)

May 16th, 2009, 02:52
Just in - click HERE (http://365mag.com/index.php?pg=spec&recnum=720&Title=365Mag+Interview%3A+Cosmic+Gate+on+365Mag+International+Music+Magazine) to read the Cosmic Gate interview from 365 Mag

Jun 7th, 2009, 23:35
This is going to be HUGE! I can't wait :)

Jun 9th, 2009, 16:41
:super:Sounds Goooooooooood :rave::rave:

Jun 16th, 2009, 05:53
Dear friends and supporters,

Unfortunately, due to management decision at Club Love beyond our influence, going forward all events at Love nightclub will be 21+ only including Cosmic Gate, July 10th, and Richard Durand, July 25th. For those of you under 21, please know that we value your support immensely and are working hard to find a new venue for 18+ events. If you have already bought tickets for an upcoming Massive Event show at Club Love and are not yet 21, you can receive a refund through both Wantickets.com and MusicIsLove.net. Thank you all for your past, present, and future support. We value your understanding in this matter and have every intention to ensure that Massive Events are open for all to enjoy. Thank you!

The Massive Event Team