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May 14th, 2009, 16:44
Actually itīs quite late to post it here (as deadline for submiting mixes is tomorrow) but some of you may have time to mix something before the deadline ;)

Requrements on the mix:

In keeping with the tradition of - that mix we cant name - the set length is set at 2 hours. Both as a minimum and a maximum - give or take a few minutes. This strict time limit should really make you think about how you programme your mix. Make your selections essential.

This competition is totally open to any genre whatsoever. The main premise is to introduce some variety and give you the chance to air hopefully more than just a single genre. Maybe there's the odd drum and bass, techno, minimal, dubstep or down right left-of-field track you want to stick in. The board carries a whole wealth of musical tastes and skilled producers too. Here is your opportunity to show that in full. Don't be afraid. Experiment.

All methods of putting together the mix are accepted. Vinyl, CD, Digital. From 1210s to Ableton the tools of a djs trade have evolved, and in keeping with the contemporary trends that those early morning sessions are put together on, the competition embraces them all. There will be no concessions for a mix put together via any particular method, as each takes practice, and skill in their own right to get really really good. Feel free however, to mention how you did your mix. It could be one method, it could be three!

To enter:
This competition is only open to members of Matthardwick.com, both current and future. Not a member yet? then sign up here. You will also not be able to post or vote until you are.

The winner will receive:
- A set at Digital Society, in the DS invitation room for their Summer Closing event in June!
- A years subscription to the Kill the Lights catalogue.
- A winners graphic to be used on the forums.

Voting Begins - Monday 18th May
Voting Closes - Sunday 31st May
Winner Announced - Monday 1st June

The poll will be added to the forum on the start date. You can still download and listen to all the entries up to the voting close date. This will be a blind vote, where the count will only be known when the results are released

Please feel free to promote your mix and the competition on your site / myspace / facebook etc. Just remind people they have to be a member to vote.

complete rules: 'I AM DJ' Competition Rules & Information - Matt Hardwick Forum (http://www.matthardwick.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27090)

Some of ah.fm are already in this competition, including me and Lazarus. If you want to check out our mixes, here you are:

Me: http://forum.ah.fm/djs-producers-corner/17290-f1d0-i-am-dj-competition-mix.html

Lazarus: http://forum.ah.fm/djs-producers-corner/17287-lazarus-i-am-dj-competition-mix.html

All of the mixes in the competition: 'I AM DJ' Competition Entries - Post Here - Matt Hardwick Forum (http://www.matthardwick.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27092)

Good luck to those who are going to participate. And those who are not going to participate, hope youīll at least vote :)

May 15th, 2009, 10:01
yes, i'm in...