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Aug 27th, 2009, 23:38
What is it?
The mixer is a new event created for all EDM lovers! With Three rooms and an outside patio all with DJs spinning the best of their favorite Genre! You love trance but your friends want house...no problem finally there is a place where everyone is SATISFIED. Beyond that great truth, we present to you only the best most fun DJs around! Come try it out, make sure to delve into each room and test out each of the 10+ DJs that are lined up and ready to blow up Springfield!!

Drink specials as well!! Each Friday a new line up, a new drink special but same great atmosphere!
hope to see you guys out!!

Email: samscroxton@yahoo.com for $5 reduced admission!

Your DJs:
Knowledge is one of the original foundation layers for the underground dance circuit in the mid-90's for New England. His evolving sound has taken audiences of 5 to 5000+ and turned rooms inside out worldwide. Always taking the time to hand select the most cutting edge production in the tracks he plays, his signature sound of genre-bending, layered, journey sets have transformed many minds and moved countless bodies over his 13 year career. DJ Knowledge can be found all over the US as well as internationally on radio station each week, as a guest DJ as well as the host of his own weekly radio show.
www.columnsofknowledge.com (http://www.columnsofknowledge.com)
www.myspace.com/djknowledge (http://www.myspace.com/djknowledge)
For over a decade, DJ PARALLAX has pushed the dance music envelope with his ever evolving style. Performing for some of the most diverse crowds internationally, his sets have been witnessed from the United States to Europe & Canada. Scouring the planet for music, DJ PARALLAX delivers the heaviest basslines and underground beats. More recently, DJ PARALLAX has crossed over into the global scene. With recent & upcoming events in the Northeast, Denver, Halifax, Vancouver, Ireland, and the UK, DJ PARALLAX plans to dominate the globe with his signature style of 4x4 and Speed Garage. Be sure to check out his acclaimed THUMP mix series featuring only the hottest Speed Garage and 4x4 tracks.
www.djparallax.com/ (http://www.djparallax.com/)
www.myspace.com/DJPaRaLLaX (http://www.myspace.com/DJPaRaLLaX)
This young upstart, beginning his musical career in 2005, has quickly made an impact on the New England rave and club scene. His unique, high-energy style is a blend of high impact melodies and infections rhythms that moves dance floors from the first note. He draws his influences from a wide variety of musical styles including funk, disco, rock, hip hop, and jazz. Once simple philosophy binds it all together – Great music surpasses stylistic and cultural borders and can be enjoyed by anyone with an open mind who wants to have a good time. In the booth, Plex is a bundle of energy. Heā€™s been known to dance behind the turntables, scream at crowds, and even jump onto the dance floor on occasion. His love for the music and his quirky personality leave a lasting impression on those who encounter him.
www.myspace.com/djplex (http://www.myspace.com/djplex)