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Oct 18th, 2009, 16:41
After my last mix (http://forum.ah.fm/ah-fm-forum-member-mixes/18096-flenk-may-2009-a.html), here is the brandnew hour-mix of me:)

It's made with a Pioneer DJM-800 and 2 crappy JB-systems cd players:) So no software-shit!!!:lol::)

Download it here! (http://www.xs4all.nl/~waanders/Flenk%20in%20the%20mix%202%20october%202009.mp3)

01. Pedro del Mar, Ciro Visione & Sara Pollino – Sunset at Luminosity beach (Pedro del Mar Vs. Sensi Remix)
02. Angel Ace – Everything’s gonna be fine
03. Hodel – Last wish (Adam Nickey Remix)
04. Sean Tyas – I remember now
05. Luke Terry – Rocket theory (Paul Miller Remix)
06. SoundLift – Road to revolution (Epic guitar Mix)
07. DNS Project – Clear shine
08. Neptune Project – Aztec (Aly & Fila Remix)
09. Dj Kim – Jetlag (Alphazone remix)
10. John O’Callaghan & Bryan Kearney – Exactly

A real melodic uplifting set as you can see!!!:)

Feedback is welcome of course!

Oct 18th, 2009, 16:44
already dl-ed and listened that mix..
and ive to say: WOW :ohmy:

just so lovely and beautiful and..
yeeey! i think im lucky coz i listened the mix together with the DJ :wink:

:hug::) :love:

The Cat Lady
Oct 18th, 2009, 16:52
DLed. Listening now. (kiss) :music::dance::hug::friends::cat:

The Cat Lady
Oct 18th, 2009, 17:17
Oooo, I'm listening to the set with Flenk right now. So much fun. Nothing is better. :music::rave::love::cat:

The Cat Lady
Oct 18th, 2009, 17:57
okay! That was complete wootness! Massive track selection. Only one questionable transition. Glaring, actually, but hey, he did it all in one single take. Excellent live set. Loved it! WOOT! :w00t::rave::super::music::cat: