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Mar 17th, 2010, 11:06
Hi Guy/gals

Any1 use audacity?? to record mixes, when i record I get gaps and also sounds really odd like its recorded in a tunnel......Really odd!! Any suggestions!!


Mar 17th, 2010, 19:49
check the configuration of the sound card in audacity, or maybe some filters is on...

Above the Clouds
Mar 17th, 2010, 20:18
I think Katadunkass mixes with that. Maybe send hil a PM

Mar 17th, 2010, 20:38
You have a good memory Buffa, you are almost right :grinning:
I use Audacity to speed up the tracks and maybe give it a bit more strength, but I use a different program to mix the tracks :smile:

Mar 20th, 2010, 20:22
Sound like to me that you plug your cable in headphones port. Try the Line In port. I think blue or pink.

Mar 22nd, 2010, 14:52
Ya i think there's something wrong with the plugins...we mostly record our sets on Audacity & no problem till now. Tell me if you need any help with the configs


Mar 30th, 2010, 11:25
Thanks, will try all the above an get back you......:) Ta :music: