View Full Version : Night out in London on March 27th

Mar 23rd, 2010, 17:39
Hey everyone, I am over here in the UK (actually down in Eastbourne), and do not fly back to the US until Monday so I am thinking about going up to London for the weekend and hitting up a club. Are there any decent ones playing trance / techno.

Vicky Wood
Mar 23rd, 2010, 20:32
Friday nights at Ministry Of Sound is your best bet :wink:

Aly & Fila
John O Callaghan
Matt Hardwick
Marcel Woods
The Viceroy

Ministry of Sound (http://www.ministryofsound.com/Club/Listings.aspx)

Mar 25th, 2010, 16:49
There a dress code at MOS? because I wil l probably be going. But may as well know what the DC is before I get there.

Mar 26th, 2010, 01:26
Try Puzzle Project on sat night at club 414

Mar 26th, 2010, 18:42
wow, all these views.. can anyone answer what is the dress code at M.O.S. trendy club wear over here might be a bit different than in Canada. are Sneakers ok? or black dress shoes?

Mar 26th, 2010, 18:50
You will be just fine at most London clubs in trainers as long as they are reasonably smart. It's the rest of the country that get shorty about footwear, god knows why but in London you will be ok. Club 414 pretty much anything goes!

Mar 26th, 2010, 20:12
Tits!, should make it out to both parties then :)

Resonate and Vick.

Mar 26th, 2010, 20:13
I may well be down 414 tommorow, I will look out for a canadian in dodgy sneakers! :)

Mar 26th, 2010, 22:08
lol, na.. I got my stylin kicks no worries.. have not decided on what I will wear tomorrow though..

Mar 27th, 2010, 13:51
Great night. Thanks for the tip Vicky, defintlay worth leaving eastbourne yesterday instead of today that is for sure.

And 414 tonight.. looking forward to it.

Mar 28th, 2010, 16:01
and another good night last night.