View Full Version : Journeys Through Trance #263 09.05.10 By Phil Langham

May 12th, 2010, 17:11

DL JTT263 Here (http://www.4shared.com/audio/qZ4zRALM/263.html)

Tracklist :
01 JONATHAN STONE never alone (jochen miller)
02 THE BLIZZARD metanoia (dennis sheperd)
03 SYSTEM F cry (ciciro sunrise mix)
04 NADI ALI fantasy (edx)
05 MISHA KITONE & ARTY black puzzle
06 MARCO TORRENCE stranded feelings (shifted reality)
07 SIMON PITT carpe diem (walsh & mcauley)
08 EVGENY BARDYUZHA changefull worls (airwave)
10 YURI KANE right back (anton firtich)
11 RICK SNELL ft JOBSE remember (wellenrausch)
12 TIM GRUBE amador (skytech)
13 AUROSONIC ft TIFF LACEY always together
14 REORDER & JAYCAN come with me to varanasi (spark 7)
15 INNA amazing (dj feel)
17 TRITONAL ft CRISTINA SOTO forgive me forget you (ashley wallbridge)
19 FRONT shout of a seagull (tucandeo)


DL JTT262 Here (http://www.4shared.com/audio/Ah8-Xjuy/262.html)

Tracklist :
01 SCELETON ft ANEYM rain down (solar energy)
02 ANTON FIRTICH ft VICTORIA MAIZZE meant to be free
03 EVA KADE pushing hands to heaven (photographer)
04 MR SAM ft TIFF LACEY carved
05 ANTON CATALIN ft JERRY R untitled (phonky asses)
06 NADIA ALI fantasy (tritonal)
07 DJ SHOG ft SIMON BINKENBORN i finally found (uplifting mix)
08 THOMAS NELLSON persian fields (jaco)
09 SUNTORY & FACADE kangai (rene ablaze)
10 ANDY TAU ft LOISA ALLEN sorry (sean truby)
11 WILL B twenty three (mark etteson)
12 LOXX & LUCA LOMBARDI looking for the answers (daveij)
13 LUCA LOMBARDI immenso (ciro visone)
14 MIKE ONSWELL isolated love
15 AUROSONIC ft TIFF LACEY always together (ahmed atef)
16 DANIEL KANDI everything counts (suncatcher)
17 EMOTIA sequile (ronny k)
18 AFTERNOVA serenity (andy blueman orchestral beakdown)

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DL JTT261 Here (http://www.4shared.com/audio/PKFixw8H/261.html)

Tracklist :
01 TALEAMUS frozen fire (dj darq)
02 CIARAN McAULEY ft OONAGH forgotten (robbie nelson)
03 ALEX MORPH ft CRIADO - sunset boulevard (signum)
04 NITROUS OXIDE ft AYNEM far away (club mix)
05 SETRISE priori (existone)
06 ALEX MORPH ft MICHAEL wanna be (2010 remake)
07 DANIEL KANDI everything counts
08 LUCA LOMBARDI & LOXX looking for the answers
09 VAN DRESEN & THRICE subnative (cor fijneman)
10 ALEX MORPH ft NINA break the light (remix winner)
11 DJ SHOG ft SIMON BINKENBORN i finally found (nolita)
12 GUISEPPE OTTAVIANI ft FAITH angel (vandit)
13 NERY redawn (andy blueman)
14 ANDY MOOR ft CARRIE SKIPPER she moves (dns project)
15 EVE KADE pushing hands to heaven (poshout)
16 SEQUENTIA & STATIC BLUE sacrifice (dan stone)
17 COLD BLUE the wolf


DL JTT260 Here (http://www.4shared.com/audio/HCuba-sC/260.html)

Tracklist :
01 NITROUS OXIDE ft ANYEM follow you
02 URBAN ASTRONAUGHTS ft KIRSTY THIRSK black flower (josh gabriel)
03 PHYNN ft ANTONIA hello love
04 BEAT SERVICE ft EMMA LOCK hiding to nothing
05 ENTON MUSHI ft KERRI BROWN moonlight (dave emanuel)
06 DANIEL KANDI everything counts (lavkastor)
07 MATT CERF ft JAREN with me (alex lamb)
08 LUMINARY my world (tasadi & cressida)
09 JOHN ASKEW homesick (re-order)
10 RONNIE PLAY intensify (bartlett bros)
11 CIARAN McAULEY ft OONAGH forgotten (club mix)
12 MOSAHAR numinous
13 FLAVIO GRIFO say me (fabio stein)
14 ZAA 5 minutes of love
15 CIRO VISIONE immenso (luca lombardi)
16 ROBERT BURIAN recovery
17 TURBO WEEKEND trouble is (tiesto)
18 ALEX MORPH ft ROBERTA HARRISON photograph (estiva)
19 DJ NELL & BEDA ft ANTHYA dance with me (soulcry)

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