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Oh Bleep
Dec 9th, 2010, 19:19

Saturday January 29th

The Day Glow Party is invading the Austin Music Hall!


check out the website for videos from past events from around the world!
DAYGLOW "THE LARGEST PAINT PARTY IN THE WORLD!" (http://www.dayglowtour.com/)

About Day Glow:

DAYGLOW, “The World’s Largest Paint Party,” began in 2006 on college campuses in Florida. Since then, it has quickly taken the nation by storm by positioning itself as a one of a kind experience. Now, hundreds of thousands of people have witnessed this spectacular show that fuses high-energy music, art, dance, and PAINT into one mind blowing combination. Founded by Committee Entertainment, DAYGLOW is truly a unique, spectacular, and innovative show that you must experience to comprehend.

What initially began as a college tradition has transformed into a world-renowned live concert, featuring spectacular DJs, soaring aerial acts, stilt-walkers, contortion acts, fire shows, and cannons to deliver the famous “Paint Blast,” along with many other unforgettable live performances. DAYGLOW has grown immensely each and every year in attendance, strength of line-up, and production. DAYGLOW Orlando at the UCF Arena set a new record for the United States with over 5,500 fans in attendance selling out days before the show. Starting off their International Tour with great success, DAYGLOW Cancun 2010 sold out its first show outside the U.S. with over 4,300 party people! DAYGLOW has featured live performances by legendary DJs such as Robbie Rivera, Funkagenda, Joachim Garraud, Alex Gaudino, Funkerman, Starkillers, Austin Leeds, Oscar G, Electrixx, Static Revenger, David Berrie, The Devil From Acapulco, and resident DAYGLOW DJ David Solano. DAYGLOW has been a featured stage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL in 2009 and 2010.

Rising to the level of technology in today’s entertainment world, “DAYGLOW 3D” kicked off its tour in 2010 and is coming to select cities. DAYGLOW 3D takes the DAYGLOW experience to the next level: eye-popping 3D visuals playing throughout the show on multiple screens, performers dancing covered in 3D body paint, and every member of the audience wearing a pair of DAYGLOW 3D glasses. All the while an enormous 3D Countdown plays leading up to the highly anticipated Paint Blast!

DAYGLOW is consistently breaking new boundaries as a highly anticipated concert in the United States and as an international show desired by fans all across the world. DAYGLOW continues to present the most groundbreaking production as well as live acts and surprises around every corner!

DAYGLOW invaded the world’s biggest cities in 2010: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Cancun, Melbourne, London and many more. Which can only mean that 2011 will be even crazier! Get ready, this will be the best year yet!

DAYGLOW "THE LARGEST PAINT PARTY IN THE WORLD!" (http://www.dayglowtour.com)

Tickets are on sale!


Oh Bleep
Dec 11th, 2010, 00:20
Tickets are on sale!


Dec 15th, 2010, 23:29
Chuck Norris in line-up?XDDDDDDDD:megacrazy::megacrazy::megacrazy: