View Full Version : Help with buying equipment!!!

Jan 2nd, 2011, 10:43
Hey guys,

I am interested in buying some really basic equipment for making trance music but am basically new to the whole scene.

What's the most basic I can go for a start and what's recommended?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!


Jan 5th, 2011, 17:40
soundcard & good monitors + midi keyboard + mixer + some midi controller

Young Free
Jan 5th, 2011, 23:26
I would suggest Ableton Live Intro - it's only about $100 and has almost everything the full version has. Great, intuitive software that you can do just about anything with. Midi controllers to go with it are nice, but not essential.

Check the Ableton site.

Ableton - Introducing Live Intro (http://www.ableton.com/live-intro)

Jan 6th, 2011, 00:47
Cheers mate!

I'm looking into to it :)

Feb 1st, 2011, 13:53
Ableton is great but the learning curve is quite steep, so make sure you go through the tutorials they provide.