View Full Version : The Skypirates have arrived on Let's Mix!

Arjan S
Feb 1st, 2011, 09:57
Want to listen to your favorite Elevation of Sound episode, but tired of all the downloads?
Luckily, we have now every episode available to you in on-demand streaming, making immediate playback whenever you want it a breeze.

On our Letís Mix page (http://www.letsmix.com/the_skypirates), it is now possible to get a quick overview of all episodes, specific genres and individual tracks played in every episode.
It also makes it possible to sign up as a follower of The Skypirates, getting an immediate notification whenever a new mix is accessible for you after the premiere @ Trance.FM.
And please, don't forget to issue your vote on Let's Mix for every episode you hear!

Furthermore, it is now also possible to listen to these shows again and again trough the web player in the music section of our website: www.skypiratesdjteam.com (http://www.skypiratesdjteam.com)

Previous shows now available on our Letís Mix page

Elevation of Sound 001 (http://www.letsmix.com/mix/57889/elevation_of_sound_001)
Style: Epic / Uplifting

Elevation of Sound 002 (http://www.letsmix.com/mix/69490/elevation_of_sound_002)
Style: Progressive

Elevation of Sound 003 (http://www.letsmix.com/mix/69238/elevation_of_sound_003)
Style: Epic / Uplifting

Elevation of Sound 004 (http://www.letsmix.com/mix/69493/elevation_of_sound_004)
Style: Epic / Uplifting

Trancesets.org Tunes of the Month July Mix (http://www.letsmix.com/mix/53697/trancesetsorg_tunes_of_the_month_july_2010)
Style: Epic / Uplifting