View Full Version : 23/25.06.2011 Sean Tyas Tytanium Sessions 100 Montreal/New York

Apr 12th, 2011, 13:04

Tytanium Sessions, hosted and mixed by Sean Tyas, is already nearing its 100th Episode! Sean has been doing shows for the better part of the past 6 years, under other titles such as The Wednesday Whistle and Frequency Friday. But now streamlined, this unified Tytanium Sessions show is the one to have now reached its 100th Episode.

Over the last 2 years, Tytanium Sessions' production quality, format, music choice, and theory have all evolved into what people have come to know on a weekly basis. Rarely a track repeated, unless by special request, and always looking to debut "up to the minute" new banging', melodic, and powerful music.

Now it's time to put a vision to the sound of Tytanium Sessions

Apr 12th, 2011, 22:24
Would be great to join one of these show :lol: :music: