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Apr 16th, 2011, 01:01

Here's a 105 minutes of Uplifting Epic Trance set I've recorded recently from tracks I've collected from January 2011 to March 2011, including my unreleased track 'Perfect Sky'. If you like it, you might like a similar track of mine, 'City Of Dreams', which is being released as part of Solarstone's new compilation "Electronic Architecture 2" that's coming out on April 25th on Solaris Recordings. You can check it out at http://www.electronicarchitecture.co.uk/

Sonix - To The End And Back
Duration = 105:00 mins.

01. Avatar One feat. Alexandra Greene - Mercury & Solace
02. Activa - Telic (Sonix Edit)
03. Ross Anderson - Vipros
04. Reminder - On The Beach (Uplifting Mix)
05. Estigma - Lorien
06. Beat Service feat. Emma Lock - Not Out (Kaimo K Remix)
07. Ilya Soloviev - Mercury
08. Adam Szabo - Radiance
09. TrancEye pres. Electronic Dreams - Electronic Dreams (A.T.M. Remix)
10. Sonny M - Crystal Moods
11. TrancEye pres. Electronic Dreams - Electronic Dreams (Wind Remix)
12. Peter Liu pres. Sonix - Perfect Sky
13. Stu Patchitt - Never Forgotten
14. Lee Miller - Conspiracy
15. RAM - RAMazing
16. The Enlightment - Critical Point

MP3 Download Link:

File size: 144 MB

Please kindly leave a comment if you download or if you like what you hear. Thank you!

...as always, more mixes at http://www.djsonix.com/mixes/

For the next Trance set, I'm thinking of maybe go through all of my Trance record collection since the late '90s and compile another 12 hour set, depending on how many Trance tracks I end up keeping on the final track list. Hope you'll like it.


Apr 18th, 2011, 12:42
I've changed the track order a bit, so the set flows better now, keeping the momentum up, more fluid now.

Same download link as before:


File size: 142 MB

Enjoy :)