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May 17th, 2011, 00:04
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Hi AH.FM listeners and trance fans,

I'm happy to present to you already the 31st release of the White Mix (aka classified mixes). After the nice reactions of the 30th Special Edition, I couldn't wait for more choons. Again some nice selections with Aquarius and Line Of Life In Your Heart as my favorites this time, but also some cool surprises. :bully:

I hope you like the next goosebump ride :lol: post me a reply message if you liked it.

Quality: Always 320Kbps MP3
Length: 83m36s
Size: 195 Mb

01. Traumer - Cobraphobie (Original Mix)
02. Kirilll Ivanov - Manifest (Original Mix)
03. Aqua & Arctic - Pulsar (Original Mix)
04. Mike Foyle Feat. Bolt - Rascal (Original Mix)
05. Ellez Marinni - Line Of Life In Your Heart (Original Mix) -=FAV1=-
06. Nianaro - The Legion (Original Mix)
07. Tasadi & Nhato - Time Ticks Away (Original Mix)
08. Andrew Rayel - Opera (Original Mix)
09. Dany Oghia & Leven Mervox - Aquarius (Morning Dew Mix) -=FAV2=-
10. Dominik Dudek Pres. Astral Forteness - Skyline (Original Mix)
11. Kris Day - From Beneath (Stuart Trainer Remix)
12. Emil Dresden - Caspian Sea (Club Mix)
13. AOV(e) - Almost 6AM (Original Mix)

Download 31 here (https://rapidshare.com/files/3620328389/Soundbarrier_-_White_Mix_31.mp3)
Mirror here (http://www.filesonic.com/file/1013335684/Soundbarrier_-_White_Mix_31.mp3)

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