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DJ Holystorm
Jul 8th, 2011, 14:37

DJ Holystorm - One Beautiful Day

This mix is an uplifting trance mix. Recently I have been downloading tons, and I have to say that it is probably my new favourite genre. Some of this stuff is so emotional and moving, that I had to make a mix for it all. Enjoy http://forums.di.fm/images/smilies/biggrin.gif.


1. Ahmed Romel - Only For You (Arctic Moon Remix)
2. Christian Drost & DK Project - Always Connected
3. Ahmed Romel - Only For You (Original Mix)
4. Sun State - Open Your Eyes (Kelly Andred Instrumental Mix)
5. Infinite - I Seek You
6. Arctic Moon - True Romance
7. Ahmed Romel _ Finally With You (SoundLift Remix)
8. ID - ID (Cymatics Remix)
9. Ronny K Presents Advanced - Onyx (Illitheas Remix)

Thanks! http://forums.di.fm/images/smilies/biggrin.gif