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Jul 12th, 2011, 22:35
I welcome you to 30th episode of Trancefiguration which also happens to be my current age :mask:
This is little bit deeper and slower paced journey from the start than normally I do. Some great classics, psychedelic sounds and new tunes. Even dusted off couple of vinyls for this one ;)

Trancefiguration 030

01. Dj Fire - The Closest Thing To Heaven (Trance mix) [Progrez]
02. Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Solar Stone's Atlantis mix) [Hooj Choons]
03. Albion - Air (Original mix) [Platipus Records]
04. Agnelli & Nelson - Hudson Street (Dark Now mix) [Xtravaganza Recordings]
05. 00.db - Angel [Joof Recordings]
06. E-Clip - Salvation [Iono Music]
07. Kai Tracid - 4 Just 1 Day (Energy mix) [Tracid Traxxx]
08. Wayne Rafnel & Dave Correa - Derailed (Des McMahon remix) [Night Vision]
09. DenSity FuZion - Water Drop (Darren Porter remix) [Defcon Recordings]
10. Andy Blueman - Neverland (Original mix) [Perceptive Recordings]


Set links:
Tero A - Trancefiguration 030 @ Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/tero-a/tero-a-trancefiguration-030)
Tero A - Trancefiguration 030 @ Mixcloud (http://www.mixcloud.com/TeroA/trancefiguration-030/)

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Jul 13th, 2011, 20:02
A bit different, yes. But cool. Well done:clap2::friends:

Jul 14th, 2011, 05:59
A bit different, yes. But cool. Well done:clap2::friends:Thanks :)

Jul 19th, 2011, 17:32
Another episode. :'3 Thank you so much. :wink:

Jul 19th, 2011, 18:05
Another episode. :'3 Thank you so much. :wink:You are welcome :)