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May 14th, 2006, 04:07
AfterHours.fm is a free online radio which plays all variations of Trance and Progressive music from DJ's around the world.

Here are the Rules for you show here on Afterhours.

1. Shows must be uploaded to Afterhours within 12 hours before show time.
2. Shows must be 192kbps 44.1 Khz. ( 192 kBits, 44.1 kHz, JStereo )
3. Please try to have your show not bigger then your scheduled slot, DJ after you might not appreciate it.
4. DO not add dates to your shows, my system will add that once the show is done.
5. If you know you can't do the show due to personal reasons please email me and let me know.
6. If you post download links to your show anywhere, please do not do it until at least 48+ hours after the show is aired, this allows us to replay it following day for different timezone. Also so you know, your shows are also being posted as a download link on AH.FM 48 hours after the show in your main first thread.

Proper naming of shows:

Dj Dan - Afterhours sessions 001.mp3 <-- your original mp3 name
Once your show plays it will change to this with our custom system in place.
Dj Dan - Afterhours sessions 001 on AH.FM 2007-02-01 REPLAY.mp3

So when your shows replay listeners will be able to see when it was originally played and that it’s a replay.

Thanks for your co-operation.

If you have any other questions please email info@afterhours.fm (info@afterhours.fm)

http://www.AH.FM/files/jingles.zip (http://www.AH.FM/files/jingles.zip)<-- Afterhours Voice Over Jingles for your shows

Thank You


Feb 1st, 2007, 18:04
please read as things have changed

Jun 15th, 2008, 12:42
Just a quick reminder to all Residents.

If you would like AH staff to do live tracklisting on the forum please provide us with the tracklists, upload them same way you upload the sets, just TXT file.

For example:
dj name - showname #.mp3
dj name - showname #.txt

These 2 files need to be uploaded, thank you.

Oct 24th, 2008, 01:47
http://www.ah.fm/files/jingles.zip <-- new jingles pack (includes ASOT dude voice AH jingles)

Mar 19th, 2009, 20:51
*updated* 19-03-2009