View Full Version : Vorticity Volume 26 An epic hour of uplifting, euphoric trance

Sep 13th, 2011, 22:17

Some very, very big tracks packed in this week, sandwiched between the usual trademark driving trance sound.

Download it here:

Vorticity Volume 26 (http://www.konvector.com/mixes/vorticity/Vorticity%20Volume%2026.mp3)

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Konvector (http://www.konvector.com)

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runtime: 67.35
format: MP3
bitrate: 160
size: 77.4mb


w & w -beta
peetu s - scorpion (lee haslams stinger mix)
steve bengain - terminal (ilitheas remix)
indecent noise - battlestar (sly one vs jurrane dark mix)
paul trainer - elusive
a.r.d.i. - reason 2 life
defcon audio ft. julie harrington - lost in you (john dopping remix)
phil taylor - mindcrime
southern fraiz ft. irena love - aftercloud (original vocal mix)
austin v - the caveman
danny powers - switchblade