View Full Version : Dave Demos - Seventh Wind (Original Mix); New uplifter!

Oct 16th, 2011, 04:19
Hi All!

Been away from the decks for a little while. This is partly why =). Have a gem of a sample for you all to listen to.

Dave Demos - Seventh Wind (Original Mix) [Web Edit] by DaveDemos on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free (http://soundcloud.com/ddemosmd/dave-demos-seventh-wind)

Or if you prefer the YouTube method =P:

Dave Demos - Seventh Wind (Original Mix) - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVP1yUEU1dM)

Enjoy! Release TBD.

Oct 16th, 2011, 10:27
It is great one :)

Above the Clouds
Oct 16th, 2011, 10:53
Amazing one!!!

Support :wink:

Oct 16th, 2011, 12:12
awesome tune :dance::dance:

Oct 17th, 2011, 20:46
Thanks guys! Sounds like it may get signed =D

Oct 29th, 2011, 11:57
awesome breakdown, great piano, good track:)

Sergey Cilary
Nov 3rd, 2011, 22:53
even a very professional sound, keep the same