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Jan 2nd, 2012, 22:54
I always find it interesting to see how my Year Mixes turn out,as they are compiled almost impulsively,and include mostly Emotional or Melodic trax,usually with a balance of big names and not so well known artists.A few nice vocal trax,including accapella's also feature.I hope the originality of the Mixes shine through,especially because of the fact that i dont listen to any other sets or Radio shows and so am not influenced by any particular DJs or artists.I hope you give it a listen............
DL JTT305 2011 Year Mix here (http://www.4shared.com/mp3/PxWuKRLP/Journeys_Through_Trance_305__Y.html)
01 HEADTRONG ft STINE GROVE tears(aurosonic)
02 KYAU & ALBERT on the way
03 KAMIL ESTEN until the end(michael elliott)
04 VINNY angel
05 HAKAN LUDVIGSON ft TIFF LACEY trust(j nitti)
06 SOUNDLIFT ft ADRINA THORPE give you my love
07 FARHAD MAHDAVI pasargadae(oceanic)
08 ANDAIN promises(myon & shane 54)
09 NUERA greencape sunset
10 OBLAID & ALPHAFORCE i'll go with you(dulac & dubois)
11 ALEX ORION craters of the moon
12 DASH BERLIN ft JOHN MENDLESON better half of me(rework)
13 RICHARD BEDFORD a thing called love(accapella)
14 DASH BERLIN ft EMMA HEWITT disarm yourself(rework)
15 ROGER SHAH ft MOYA BRENNAN morning star
16 RICHARD BEDFORD sun & moon(accapella)
17 COSTA lana(six senses)
18 MARTIN EVERSON over the world(magnet)
19 AGULO ft DAVID BERKELEY fire sign(suncatcher)
20 INFITE ft JAKUB HUBNER lacrimosa(ronny k)
21 RONNY K moonlight sonata
22 RONNY K air on g string
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Jan 4th, 2012, 14:50
:thankyou: Phil! Happy New Year!