View Full Version : Vorticity 041 - Hard Dance, Uplifting Trance

Jan 12th, 2012, 22:54
Genre: Hard Dance / Uplifitng Trance / Little bit of techno in there too
Format: Mixcloud Streaming & Downloadable MP3 (links points to both)
Runtime: 82:05

Happy New Year to you all and best wishes for the year ahead!

Let's not waste time and get straight into my first mix of 2012:

Vorticity 041 (http://www.konvector.com/vort.html)


Starting off low and mean with Vadim Zhukov's "New Era" before thrusting you head on into some massive, driving, main room hard dance in the form of Marcel Woods, Wetdog and Alex Cue, Vorticity 041 ends with some shamelessly epic uplifting trance from the likes of Ali Wilson, M.I.K.E., Digital Horizons and Chris Cortez. Enjoy.


jorgensen & rosie romero - magnetic
vadim zhukov - new era
alex cue & robert lewis - multiplayer
marcel woods - monotone (jordy lishious t'mao remix)
wetdog - dopamine
hertz - funkster (tomcraft remix)
poison pro - empty inside (ali wilson tekelec remix)
joey v - laura mae
firewall - kilimanjaro (m.i.k.e. remix)
lee haslam - crash bang wallop
digital horizon - step up
channel surfer - earshot
chris cortez - loveless
claessen & martens - el dorado