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Jan 14th, 2012, 11:12
This is a drawing I have been working on for some time now.
Not so long ago an Anniversary Edition of the first Halo game was released with new graphics and a deeper story. The whole Halo universe is one of my favorite game-worlds and that's why I took the challenge to draw the Halo character.
So far I have spent about 9-10 hours and this is about 1/6 of the final drawing. The paper size is A3 (297 420 mm)
Please let me know what you think of it so far :)
I still need to work on the bush and shadows on the ground and gun.

Jan 14th, 2012, 14:08
That. Is. Amazingly. Awesome.

I can't wait for it to finish man, wow!

Jan 14th, 2012, 17:35
It looks awesome, Kata. :good: Good work. I am waiting for the final result.

Jan 14th, 2012, 18:29
Thanks guys! :smile:

Jan 22nd, 2012, 14:56
Looks Great! I'm very untalented in that.
Would like to Play Halo, need a 360 !

Jan 22nd, 2012, 15:40
So, have drawed more on it lately. I've focused on the gun in front and of course the main character. I still need a good rubber for the gun to create the depth, but so far I'm happy with the result.
I'm sorry for the bad contrast, the light is not good for taking pictures right now!