View Full Version : Should I apply as a resident? Opinions!

Apr 9th, 2012, 08:03
I've been around for 2 years on AH.FM and almost the same time as a DJ.
I know couple people will just say ... enough young blood...

But since I started, I've been building a nice resume about music (bi mensual residency at Eclipse afterclub in Canada and a weekly one on a radio website). Let's say I a lucky guy who can share his passion with a maximum of people that seems to enjoy what I'm doing!

I'm thinking more seriously about applying here. Music is a passion I cannot get rid off ... THANK GOD !

My 2012 format is 15 tracks: 2 progressive + 13 trance tracks going higher and higher on intensity. Trying to build dark and techy but, it needs to be pleasant to listen on a radio show.

Let me know what you guys/gurls think :) :friends:

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Apr 10th, 2012, 18:09
I want to thank those who sent me an inbox to comment. Unfortunately, the messages have been lost before I had time to respond. The update screwed up my inbox. But, from what I read, I'm not just a publisher. I love interacting with people about my mix to know how they like it and why I've done it like this.

Feel free to respond here or still in inbox, it is a pleasure to read what you think!