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Apr 13th, 2012, 17:09
01. York - The Reachers of Civilization
02. Libra presents Taylor - Anomaly: Calling Your Name (Ferry Corsten Remix)
03. Billie Ray Martin - Honey (Chicane Club Mix)
04. Marc Vision - Time Gate (Update)
05. BT - Mercury and Solace (BT 12" Mastermix)
06. Cabala - Dark Blue
07. Gypsy - I Trance You (Pappa & Gilbey Mix)
08. Yahel & DJ Miss T - Going Up
09. Gouryella - Walhalla
10. Kamaya Painters - Far From Over
11. Lange - I Believe (DJ Tandu Remix)
12. The Morrighan - Remember (To The Millennium) (Lange Remix)
13. DJ Tiësto - Sparkles (Magikal Remake)
14. Tastexperience - Tantrix
15. LN Movement - Golden Desert (Part 2)
16. Kamaya Painters - Summerbreeze
17. Salt Tank - Eugina (Michael Woods Remix)
18. Cass & Slide - Perception (New Vocal Mix)
19. Mekka - Diamondback
20. BT - Dreaming (Lucid's 12" Club Mix)
21. Baracoa - Delirio (Venus Mix)
22. Fortress - An Angel Saved My Life (Mark Shimmon & 3rd Degree Bern's Mix)
23. Ballroom - 4AM (Marc O' Tool Remix)
24. Coast 2 Coast featuring Discovery - Home
25. Breeder - Tyrantanic (Slacker's Kingdom Come Mix)
26. Max Graham - Airtight
27. Noa Assembly - Into The Fire
28. DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now (Grand Chillas Mix)
29. Starecase - Faith (Loafer Mix)
30. Andain - Summer Calling (Josh Gabriel Mix)
31. Solar Stone - Solarcoaster
32. Tremor - Meia Lua (Steve Gibbs Mix)
33. DJ Tiësto - In My Memory (Gabriel & Dresden Elephant Memory Vocal)
34. Argonaut - Your Body Is a Temple
35. World Clique - Don't Do It
36. Chiller Twist - Stringz Ultd (Shelley Mix)
37. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto Mix)
38. Accessive Rhythm - Activate
39. Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
40. Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes
41. Jericho - Personal Reflexion
42. Solarstone and JES - Like a Waterfall (In Search of Sunrise Edit)
43. ToneDepth & SoulTan - Moments
44. Ahmet Ertenu - Why (In Search of Sunrise Edit)
45. JASEfos feat. Claire Van Der Boom - Do What U Want (Max Graham Afterhours in Montreal Mix)
46. Wighnomy Brothers - Wurz + Blosse
47. Coca & Villa - La Noche
48. Tilt - Twelve (Dousk Mix)
49. Luminary - My World (Andy Moor Mix)
50. Steve May - Blend Forty 3 (Luke Chable & Steve May Remix)
51. Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia (In Search of Sunrise Edit)
52. Split Second - Midnight Express
53. BT - The Force of Gravity (Tiësto Remix)
54. Allure - The Loves We Lost
55. Blank & Jones - Perfect Silence (E-Craig's 212 Remix)
56. Estuera vs. Re:Locate - Palma Solane
57. Leon Bolier presents Inner Stories - Beyond
58. P.O.S. - Gravity
59. LNQ - People I Used to Know
60. Mads Arp - Slow It Down (Mathilda Mix)
61. Dominic Plaza - Sounds Rushing (In Search of Sunrise Edit)
62. Matthew Dekay vs. Proluctors - Bad
63. Electric Pulse - White Noise
64. Erik Shepard featuring Grayarea - Gravity
65. Tiësto featuring Matt Hales - UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar Remix)
66. Odyssee - Evolution
67. Progression - Sands of Time
68. L.S.G. - Netherworld (Oliver Prime Remix)
69. Sensorica vs. Jin Key - Only One (Rave Mix)
70. Mark Norman presents Celine - Colour My Eyes
71. Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Haji & Emanuel Remix)
72. Electro-Prompt - Beside Me (Gothek D.C. Remix)
73. Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party
74. Leama & Moor - Everything Matters (Matthew Dekay Remix
75. Matthew Dekay vs. Proluctors - Let The Game Begin
76. Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Club Mix)
77. Parker & Hanson - Let Me Be (Original Extended)
78. Kalafut & Fygle - Novocaine (Mark Otten Remix)
79. JES - People Will Go (Steve Forte Rio Remix)
80. Basic Perspective - Small Step on the Other Side
81. Tom Cloud - Told You So
82. A.M. - Arise (Exclusive Hammer & Funabashi Remix)
83. Alex Stealthy - Something is Wrong
84. Shah & Laruso present Global Experience - Zanzibar
85. Progression - Technophobia
86. A Boy Called Joni - Green Astronauts
87. Petter - These Days (Luke Chable's Those Days Remix)
88. Estuera - Tales From The South (Jonas Steur's Revision Flow)
89. Özgür Can - Irony
90. Jonas Steur - Second Turn
91. Smith & Pledger present Aspekt - Hi Jack (Instrumental)
92. Jaytech - Genesis (Jimbo's Afterburner Mix)
93. Super8 & DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin
94. Way Out West - Don't Forget Me (Guy Ehmetores Remix)
95. Glenn Morrison - Contact
96. Andy Duguid featuring Leah - Don't Belong
97. Solaris Heights - Vice (Sydenham Dub)
98. Global Experience - Madras
99. Leonid Rudenko - Summerfish (Scandall Sunset On Ibiza Mix)

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01. Clear View featuring Jessica - Tell Me
02. The Veil Kings - Searching For Truth
03. Ohmna - The Sun'll Shine (Sunrise Mix)
04. Moonbeam - See The Difference Inside (Inside Mix)
05. Allure featuring Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside of Me
06. Taxigirl - High Glow
07. Reeves featuring Alanah - Lonely
08. Nic Chagall - What You Need (NC's In Love With Prog Mix)
09. Marc Marzenit - Trozitos de Navidad (Primavera Remix)
10. John Dahlbäck - Don't Speak
11. Deadmau5 - Arguru
12. First State featuring Anita Kelsey - Falling
13. Jonas Steur featuring Jennifer Rene - Fall To Pieces
14. JES - Imagination (Tiësto Remix)
15. Tom Cloud - Mercury Room
16. Marcus Schossow - Chase My Rabbit
17. Maor Levi - Reflect
18. Progression - Different Day, Different Light
19. Jedidja - Dancing Water
20. D'Alt Vila - Breathing
21. Andy Duguid feat Leah - Wasted
22. Motocitysoul - Space Katzle (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
23. Three Drives – Feel The Rhythm (Ton TB Dub Mix)
24. Jerry Ropero Featuring Cozi –The Storm (Inpetto Remix)
25. Kamui – Get Lifted
26. Cary Brothers – Ride (Tiësto Remix)
27. Airbase Featuring Floria Ambra – Denial
28. Dokmai – Reason To Believe
29. Cressida – 6AM (Kyau & Albert Remix)
30. Allure Featuring Christian Burns – Power Of You
31. Clouded Leopard – Hua-Hin
32. Steve Forte Rio Featuring Jes – Blossom (Lounge Mix)
33. Zoo Brazil – Crossroads
34. Beltek – Kenta
35. Sied van Riel – Rush
36. Tiësto – Driving To Heaven (Mat Zo Remix)
37. Carl B. – Just A Thought
38. Kimito Lopez – Melkweg
39. JPL – Whenever I May Find Her (Joni Remix)
40. Estiva vs. Marninx – Casa Grande
41. Existone – Wounded Soul
42. André Visior & Kay Stone – Something For Your Mind (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix)
43. Hensha – The Curtain
44. Manilla Rising - Beyond The Stars
45. First State – My Sanctuary
46. George Acosta feat. Fisher – Beautiful
47. Venaccio & Daigon – The Violet Hour
48. Kostya Veter feat. Madelin Zero – Envy
49. Ad Brown & Matt Lange feat. Kerry Leva – As The Rain Falls
50. Craving – Never Alone
51. Zoo Brazil feat. Rasmus Kellerman – There Is Hope
52. Ben Preston – Pillars Of The Earth
53. San* vs. Wendel Kos – Kiss Of Life (Ibiza Sunrise Mix)
54. Jorg Zimmer – Sydney
55. Avis Vox – Introspection Attempts (Moonbeam Remix)
56. Tom Cloud – The Darkest Star
57. Richard Durand – For No Reason
58. Michael Badal, Zya & Teddy C – Deltree
59. Ad Brown feat. Renee Six Something For The Pain
60. Jason van Wyk – September Rain
61. San* feat. Therese – Kissed By The Sun (S1dechain Remix)
62. Daniel Wanrooy – Ocean Terrace
63. BT & Andrew Bayer – The Emergency
64. Alex O'Rion – Jellyfish
65. Richard Durand & JES – N.Y.C.
66. Hodel & Sunstate – Distant Motion (Aurosonic Remix)
67. Beltek – Par
68. Bartlett Bros vs. Mazza – Satellite Of Love (Fabio XB Rework Dub)
69. DJ Observer & Daniel Heatcliff feat. Hannah Ray – With Me (Original Vocal Mix)
70. Lost Stories – All Good Things (Prayag & Rishab Intro Mix)
71. Ad Brown, Mango & Kerry Leva – Tonight
72. Alex O'Rion – Craters Of The Moon
73. Pulser Featuring Molly Bancroft – In Deep
74. Zoo Brazil Featuring Rasmus Kellerman – Hold Me Tight
75. Vinson – Circular Progression
76. Venaccio & Daigon – Avatar
77. Moonpax – Ice Coffee
78. Mike Saint-Jules Presents Saint X Featuring Sandel – Summerlives
79. Craving – Inflection
80. René Martens – Point Of No Return
81. Thomas Coastline – Eliminate
82. Save The Robot – Solace
83. Richard Durand Featuring Hadley – Run To You
84. Jason van Wyk & JPL – Elsewhere
85. Supermind – Golden Langur
86. Jorg Zimmer Featuring Eva Kade – Fire In My Head
87. Silence Groove – Seven
88. Jonas Steur Featuring Jennifer Rene – Still I Wait (Richard Durand's In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
89. Craving – Summer Memories
90. George Acosta Featuring Emma Lock – Falling Deep (Extended Mix)
91. Tom Cloud – The Sky Is The Limit
92. Richard Durand Featuring Julie Thompson – Diamonds In The Sky
93. Andy Duguid Featuring Fenja – Strings
94. Alex O'Rion – Rise Up Again
95. Daniel Wanrooy – Bangalore
96. Sunny Lax – Viva La Revolución
97. Dragon & Jontron – Wheels Up
98. DNS Project Presents Bigroom – In The Air
99. Mark Sixma – Arrivals

Get it here:

Press Release:
Richard Durand, In Conjunction With Black Hole Recordings, Invite You To Enter:

The Greatest Trance Contest... Of All Time!
Who Will Be On The Mix Of 'In Search of Sunrise: 10'?
Well It Might Be You!

Over the last 5 months, through his Vs. The World' project, Richard Durand - one of the most respected and consistent names in the genre - has been searching out tomorrow's trance generation. We're talking about producers, composers, engineers, singers and lyricists. But that circle wouldn't be complete without... DJs!

He’s now ready to launch the next incredible phase of the mission. In a dream-come-true, once-in-a-lifetime-type opportunity, here's your chance to make your personal mark on the most respected trance compilation series of all time. You'll have the chance to tread where only Richard and Tiësto have stepped before… so read on!

ISOS guardian Durand (in cooperation with Black Hole Recordings) will be sharing the next release's limelight with one other DJ. And that DJ could be you!

Over the last 10 years - throughout Tiësto and Richard's tenures as its mix-master - In Search Of Sunrise has premiered some of the biggest trance tracks of all time - Deadmau5’s ‘Arguru’, Andain’s ‘Summer Calling’ and First State’s ‘Falling’ among them. Likewise it has captured some of the scene's biggest names at their embryonic stages, and broken countless underground tracks into the bargain. To date, between them, they've compiled over 200 tracks onto the albums. To celebrate the country/continent-hopping series' landmark 10th edition, Richard is challenging you to draw up your short-list of the cream of that crop and, using all your skills, whip them into your all-time, best-ever In Search Of Sunrise classic mix.

Fun, right!?

This though could be the mix that changes your life! One of you out there right now will become only the third person on the planet to mix an actual ISOS disc! Richard and Black Hole will be taking on the doubtless epic task of listening to all the submitted mixes that fall within the rules of the contest (details below). They'll be on the lookout for someone with track selection, intuition and mixing skills required to capture the absolute essence of an ISOS disc. If you've ever picked up one of the albums and thought 'lucky devils, bet I could do that' here's where you step up! The winner's mix will feature as the third disc of In Search Of Sunrise 10: Australia. Your name will go up in lights (and be on the cover!), your mix will be coming out of speakers in every country on the planet and you'll become the toast of your trance loving buddiesforever! Best of all though you'll have made your mark on trance compilation history. This contest really is as BIG as it gets!

Head to Beatport to check the tracks:
http://www.beatport.com/release/in-s...-pack-1/897298 (http://www.beatport.com/release/in-search-of-sunrise-competition-pack-1/897298)
http://www.beatport.com/release/in-s...-pack-2/897297 (http://www.beatport.com/release/in-search-of-sunrise-competition-pack-2/897297)

Richard and Black Hole will be taking on the doubtless marathon task of listening to all the submitted mixes that fall within the rules of the contest (details below and right - play close attention!). They'll be on the lookout for someone with the track selection, intuition and mixing skills required to capture the supreme essence of an ISOS disc.

The winner's mix will feature as the third disc of 'In Search Of Sunrise 10: Australia'. Your name will go up in lights (and will be on the cover!) and you'll become the toast of each and every one of your trance loving buddies... forever!

Perhaps best of all though you'll have left your own indelible mark on trance compilation history… and that's an unbeatable, unrepeatable proposition.


- Mixes must be submitted on or before the 9th of May 2012. Any mixes received after that date will not be admissible to the contest and therefore not judged.

- Every entry must be submitted with a full numbered tracklist featuring the artists, titles and remix names as a Word document. Entries that do not include this will not qualify for entry.

- As Eminem said: "you only get one shot!" The competition is strictly one entry per person. We are after your one absolute best mix. Not multiple 'they may like this/they may like that', entries'.

- When you submit you need to include your REAL name and your DJ name, your e-mail address, postal address and mobile number (including country dialing code) in another Word .doc. The winner's identity will be thoroughly checked and if they are found to have used a pseudonym, they'll be disqualified. Don't risk it!

- Submit your mix by weTransfer.com as a 320kbps MP3 file and send to
isos10@blackholerecordings.com. Again entries via other upload sites will not be downloaded/counted.

- Only the remix of the track that was used on an actual ISOS album can be utilized in your mix. Head to Beatport to check the tracks here (http://t.ymlp219.net/yhqjadambjjadahhaxamjeqh/click.php) and here (http://t.ymlp219.net/yhqbarambjjacahhaoamjeqh/click.php):

http://www.beatport.com/release/in-s...-pack-1/897298 (http://www.beatport.com/release/in-search-of-sunrise-competition-pack-1/897298)
http://www.beatport.com/release/in-s...-pack-2/897297 (http://www.beatport.com/release/in-search-of-sunrise-competition-pack-2/897297)

- Black Hole are looking for a mix with a maximum of 15 tracks and running no more than 78 minutes.

- You are free to use any mixing tools available to you.

- No discussions will be entered into regarding the final result.

- The winner will be announced in mid May.

- Best of luck to you!

www.richarddurand.com (http://t.ymlp219.net/yhqharambjjavahhafamjeqh/click.php)
www.blackholerecordings.com/ (http://www.blackholerecordings.com/)

DJ Teef
May 27th, 2012, 12:15
Does anyone know the results? Or have it been published yet? ;)

May 27th, 2012, 16:37
Does anyone know the results? Or have it been published yet? ;)
They haven't been published yet as far as I know :smile:

May 28th, 2012, 20:41
Winner announced:
Disc 3. (Classic In Search Of Sunrise Mix by Thomas Mengel)
01. Pink Elephant - LAX.
02. Andy Duguid featuring Leah - Wasted
03. Jerry Ropero featuring Cozi - The Storm (Inpetto Remix)
04. George Acosta featuring Fisher - Beautiful
05. Glenn Morrison - Contact
06. Kostya Veter featuring Madelin Zero - Envy
07. Mads Arp featuring Julie Harrington - Slow It Down (Mathilda Mix).
08. Marc Marzenit - Trozitos De Navidad (Primavera Remix)
09. Ad Brown featuring Renee Six - Something For The Pain
10. Deadmau5 - Arguru
11. Zoo Brazil - Crossroads
12. Mark Norman presents Celine - Colour My Eyes.
13. Jonas Steur featuring Jennifer Rene - Still I Wait (Richard Durand's In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
14. Cressida - 6AM (Kyau & Albert Remix)

DJ Teef
May 30th, 2012, 20:50
Shame I haven't won but here is one of my best sets I ever made ;)



01 Andy Duguid feat. Leah - Wasted (Original Mix)
02 Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Original Mix)
03 Coca, Villa - La Noche (Original Mix)
04 Salt Tank - Eugina (Michael Woods Remix)
05 Leon Bolier pres. Inner Stories - Beyond (Original Mix)
06 Tiësto pres. Allure - The Loves We Lost (Original Mix)
07 Max Graham - Airtight (Original Mix)
08 Carl B. - Just A Thought (Original Mix)
09 Sensorica, Jin Key - Only One (Rave Mix)
10 Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto Mix)
11 Gouryella - Walhalla (Original Mix)
12 Kamui - Get Lifted (Original Mix)
13 Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)