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May 28th, 2012, 19:16
Cheers newcomers and fans to my 65th episode of Vicio's World! This week we have new Balearic, Housey, Progressive, Melodic, Vocals and Uplifting hits; including the tune of the week which is actually a mashup from DJ Row (Tiesto vs. Tomcraft - Lethal Loneliness). By the end of the episode there are a few surprises with amazing and breath-taking Uplifting songs from Danilo Ercole, Victor Lyalchuk and Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland!! Don't forget to vote for the best tune of this show. Song with most votes will be replayed on Vicio's World Ep66!

Listen: http://danivicio.podomatic.com/entry/2012-05-24T23_25_11-07_00
Download: http://danivicio.podomatic.com/enclosure/2012-05-24T23_25_11-07_00.mp3
Vote for Best Song: https://www.facebook.com/questions/412677918755616/


1) Adam Amuso - Memories [Original Mix]
2) Boxer - Phantom [Cordonnier Remix]
3) Nash & Pepper feat Rogue Raven - Rain in Summertime [Mr. K. Remix]
4) Ricard Durand vs The World - Crashed [Original Mix]
5) Rex Mundi & Susana - All Time Low [The Madison Remix]
6) Tune of the Week: Tiesto vs Tomcraft - Lethal Loneliness [Row Mashup]
7) Nektarios & Kirsty Hawkshaw - Dawn [Dennis Sheperd Remix]
8) Danilo Ercole - A Man with Two Names [Club Mix]
9) Victor Lyalchuk - Prada [DJ Gard Remix]
10) Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland - Disconnected [Original Mix]

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Have an Amazing Weekend!!

-Dani Vicio :)