View Full Version : SoupRice - Plutocracy [Trance Mixset]

Jun 24th, 2012, 04:49
Mixed by SoupRice
Listen @ http://soundcloud.com/souprice/plutocracy

Plutocracy [ploo-tok-ruh-see]
1.the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy.
2.a government or state in which the wealthy class rules.
3.a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth.

1) Javy X - Reaktor (Intro Mix) [Istmo Music]
2) Ernesto vs Bastian & Kay Wilder - Just In Bibber (Original Mix) [Audentity (AdrianRazRecordings)]
3) Digital X - Odyssey (Original Mix) [Always Alive Recordings]
4) DiFOCUS - Unexpected Vessel Movement (Original Mix) [Arkamoria Records]
5) Chapter XJ - Believe (Matt Bukovski Remix) [Digital Society Recordings]
6) Dima Krasnik - Corsair (Den Rize Pres Blur8 Remix) [Always Alive Recordings]
7) Paul Todd + Scott Lowe - Life As We Know It (Original Mix) [Fraction Records]
8) Cold Rush - Highrise (Original Mix) [Oceanbay Records]
9) Matt Davey - Nemesis (Uplifting Mix) [A State Of Trance (Armada)]
10) Floe - Golden Sunset (Savid Remix) [U.M.A. Music Awards]
11) Rising Sun - Perfect Spectrum (Original Mix) [Neverending Story Recordings]
12) Athema - Change This World (Joe Flyer Feat Lyonhard Remix) [Toxic Germany] :choon:

Listen & Enjoy!