View Full Version : Vorticity 45 - Konvector - Progressive / Psy / Industrial Trance

Aug 6th, 2012, 16:24
Here we have 2 hours of full-on, balls-out, energetic, hard psychedelia. I'm always interested in taking the Vorticity format into new areas, seeing what I can do with it, testing the ear and my mixing ability and this is no exception. Traditionally the remit of more accessible sounds, whether progressive, uplifting or euphoric, Volume 45 is a lot harder as I drop in the occasional industrial track courtesy of Front Line Assembly, and may come as a shock / surprise / disappointment to regular listeners or those of you who preferred 44. I'll leave it up to you whether you think it works or not.
Happy listening :)


Vorticity 45 (http://soundcloud.com/konvector/vorticity-volume-45)

corn flakes 3d - harmony of waters
sean j morris - earth
magnus - hypnotic
marc simz - forbidden city (indecent noise remix)
front line assembly - shifting through the lens
matt skyer - bad trip
2012 - invisible world
spectra sonics - ufo ride
inlakech - cielab
john bishop & costa pantazis - endgame (dj audy remix)
dermot bateman - insomniac
matt watering - moonlock
blazed - global crises
braniac - the healer
pzy chi - andromeda
iain cross - music maker
front line assembly - hostage
phil reynolds & costa pantazis - continuum