View Full Version : Prychu aka Chris Benua pres. Most Request Trance Set 100 tunes in 2 hours xxl megamix

Krzysztof Chris Benua B
Aug 11th, 2012, 14:07


jorden suckley - the storm

andy duguid - dejavoodoo

artento divini - biding my time

jordan suckley - from paradise

robert gitelman - fluidum

adam fielding - lost in silence

heatbeat feat josie - because of you

temple one pres tu casa - escape

vincent licata - escape from earth

three drives - greece 2000

cosmic gate - analog feel

greg downey - global code

reaky - meduza

three drives - greece 2000

frontier - all i can feel

paul ercossa and vojt van twistigen - the solstice

nic chagall - this moment

sean tyas - seven weeks

beat service - alpenglow

daniel loubscher - dead simple

above and beyond pres. tranquility base - oceanic (super8 and tab remix)

activa feat. peetu s - wargame (original mix)

activa feat. peetu s - wargame (reaky rework)

airaforce - no one knows

active sight - out of ouer lifes

arizona vs suzy solar - samurai (assure remix)

fred baker vs greg nash - system activated (fred baker mix)

max graham feat. neev kennedy - sun in the winter (alex m.o.r.p.h. remix)

indecent noise vs mike foyle - run to the shipwrecked (prychu aka chris benua mashup)

peter dafnous - face the change (activa remix)

sebastian brandt - 450 (a state of trance 450 anthem)

summer sessions feat michelle smith - blossom (original mix)

activa - daydream

paul van dyk - forbidden fruit (giuseppe ottaviani remix)

john ocallaghan - striker (original mix)

cosmic gate - analog feel (extended version)

armin van buuren vs. rank1 feat. kush - this world is watching me (cosmic gate remix)

jesselyn - distance (original mix)

greg downey - global code (scot project remix)

ellrich and plaice - ******* society (ummet ozcan mix)

cosmic gate feat denise rivera - body of conflict

john ocallaghan - assembler

aalto - 5 (original mix)

above and beyond vs andy moor - air for life (original mix)

armin van buuren - control freak (sander van doorn remix)

randy katana - fancy fair 05 (original mix)

orbital - halcyon + on + on

adam foley - for the record

kyau and albert - are you fine (original mix)

kyau vs. albert - walk down

randy katana - in silence (ron van den beuken mix)

bycue - new mountain (steve bengaln remix)

dj dano vs marzz - bass (original mix)

dr willis vs vandall - tech ho (scott project remix)

chris and matt kidd - compulsive (original mix)

adam foley - 8am

greg downey - global code (original mix)

ellrich and plaice - ******* society (ummet ozcan mix)

cosmic gate feat denise rivera - body of conflict

aalto - 5 (original mix)

cosmic gate - analog feel (rank 1s digital re-harsh)

super8 and dj tab - wont sleep tonight (moody vocal mix)

above and beyond vs andy moor - air for life (original mix)

arctic monkeys - when the sun goes down (sander van doorn remix)

digital nature - oasis (original mix)

kyau and albert - are you fine (vardran dub mix)

locust - aerospace (probspot remix)

above and beyond pres oceanlab - on a good day (above and beyond club mix)

gabriel and dresden - arcadia

whirlpool - under the sun (solarstone remix)

above and beyond - alone tonight (above and beyond club mix)

matias lehtola feat gina j - burning bright (original mix)

re locate - remorse

joe e - music generation (night liberator remix)

joey v - purity (yojis tech dance remix)

marzz - kosmonautentraum (original mix)

alex bartlett feat anthya - touch the sun (duende vocal remix)

marcos - future history (indecent noise remix)

sean truby - hooked (ehren stowers remix)

avanto - the flute (original mix)

flashbang - seabird

simon bostock - human nature (original mix)

4 strings - diving

re locate - distant heartache

randy katana - one solid wave

evbointh - one wish (original mix)

perasma - swing 2 harmony (deserves an effort polyphony vocal mix)

tomaz vs filterheadz - sunshine

above and beyond pres tranquility base - buzz (buzztalk mix)

rank 1 - after me

estuera - flow

fable - nightshift (re locate remix)

the roc project feat. tina arena - never (filterheadz luv tina remix)

sean truby - made you look (ehren stowers remix)

filo and peri feat. aruna - ashley (alex m.o.r.p.h.)

paul van dyk - the love from above

thomas datt - evaporate (original mix)

paul van dyk - big bang

garry heaney - citation

dmitry bessonov - equator (trance arts remix)