View Full Version : Katadunkass - Electronic Spectrum 016 Sacred Chords Edition

Sep 13th, 2012, 23:29

My show was normally a 2 hour show, but now it is instead a 1 hour show, and because of that I'll split the regular show into two, so you won't miss anything.
This first set includes the ProGressive section, Future Favorite, Further Evolution and a nice surprise to round it all up.

Katadunkass - Electronic Spectrum 016 Sacred Chords Edition
01. Archelix - Ecstasy (Simon Firth Remix) [Morphosis Recors]
02. WayWork & Wcross - The Universal (Original Mix)
03. Anton X - Klubnacht (Original Mix) [Freshin]
04. Redhead - Try It (Original Mix) [Respekt Recordings]
05. Anton Chernikov & The Digital Blonde - Omega (Original Mix) [J00F Recordings]
[B]Future Favorite:
06. Horizons - Madras Nights (Original Mix) [Mistique Music]
Further Evolution:
07. Subtara - Speed Of Light (Original Mix) [J00F V.2]
08. Airwave - Reset (Original Mix) [L*C*D* Recordings]
09. Magnetic Brothers - After The Love Processes (Exoplanet Remix)
10. Ahmet Atasever - All Yours (Ovnimoon Remix) [Touchstone Recordings]
[B]The Sacred Chord:
11. Easily Embarrassed - Moon People (Original Mix) [EE Recordings]