View Full Version : Markus Schulz 16.11.12 Cocoon Club Frankfurt

Oct 11th, 2012, 21:57

Markus Schulz • Mainfloor Schulz’s DJ career has, to the greater degree, run parallel to that of his productions. In the early Noughties, having fixed focus on the hinterland between trance & progressive, he began to reach audiences further and further afield.
khoMha • Mainfloor KhoMha begins his taste by electronic music from the 14 years old, from his early age he was interested in the sounds like trance and house ,influenced by producers like Steve Angello, Antoine Clamaran, Pryda , Deadmau5, Arno Cost , Sean Tyas, among others.
DJ DAG • Lounge “DJ DAG” is known as the “Godfather of Trance”, he gave “the child’s name” when he start in 1991 with his Project “Dance 2 Trance”.
DJ Katch • Micro Not only is he a resident DJ in the world-famous Cocoonclub in Frankfurt, Germany – he is also a well-regarded DJ whose bookings range from the European Top-Venues to Shanghai, China up to Southbeach Miami.

Damian Duda • Mainfloor esides having gained his main reputation and recognition as booking agent of numerous national and international acts, with his age of mid-twenties Damian Duda is considered as one of the most ambitious and well-rounded personalities in electronic dance music scene.