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Myk Bee
Feb 4th, 2013, 18:39
Hello for all those interested in being produced by one song this is a chance to see inside...
basic skill and hove to arrange song!

Buy Here!

Video:Sound of Uplifting Trance Project:music: 138 bpm


Thanks everybody :)

Myk Bee
Feb 9th, 2013, 14:53
​NEW Uplifting Trance FL Studio Template (Suncatcher Style) OUT NOW!!!
For new producers full of enthusiastic :)

Inside this template you can see and learn hove to make extremely popular "Suncatcher", "Daniel Kandi", "Adam Nickey" Bassline!

Also you can learn hove looks inside technique of composition
In this song "Sidechain" Compression is most important main loops and percussion also use that for better fit in song "pluck" uplifting melody that technique use a most popular trance producers! before and today!

http://producerbox.com/items/126/Uplifting-Trance-FL-Studio-Template-%28Suncatcher-Style%29.html?refmykbee (http://producerbox.com/items/126/Uplifting-Trance-FL-Studio-Template-%28Suncatcher-Style%29.html?refmykbee)