View Full Version : Please I need help

Feb 1st, 2007, 22:56
i'm looking for LIFT OFF EPISODES by dj Johan Gielen on ID&T Radio!

If you can help me please send me a pm !!!:)

Feb 1st, 2007, 23:00
dont know anything about that. :(

Feb 1st, 2007, 23:06
:( oh my good where i can find this, i think Lift off the best radio show of johan gielen !
It's very very dificult to find this now i'm listen to Johan Gielen - Lift off -19-04-03- Part 1.mp3 the second episode of lift off !

But i will continues looking for this !!!!

Thanks !

Feb 2nd, 2007, 11:27
Search on Google, you migth find a Russian Forum or site were you can download it from

Feb 2nd, 2007, 16:12
I think this is really hard to find. I think contacting Johan Gielen would be the best option.

Feb 2nd, 2007, 21:55
ok will try thanks !

Feb 9th, 2007, 00:29
hey i found some set's on Soul Seek p2p !!! :)

But i have to find more 60 episodes !