View Full Version : Andy Croson - MAJEFA Decade Of Trance 2004 - 2014 12-04-14

Andy C
Apr 25th, 2014, 15:28
Re-recording from my debut set at MAJEFA, Manchester, April 12th 2014

https://soundcloud.com/andycroson/majefa-12-04-14 (https://soundcloud.com/andycroson/majefa-12-04-14)

The theme of this night was 'A decade of trance' and on my much favoured warmup duties, it was an ideal opportunity to dig into a few older and also fresh progressive favourites. Including a number of favourites from the very start of the ten year selection, including a few tracks that only saw the light of day on vinyl.

Grand National - Talk Amongst Yourselves (Sasha Involver remix/Personal intro edit)
Kastis Torrau - Hero
Praveen Achary - Space Machine (Cid Inc Remix)
Ambassador - The Fade (Guy J Remix)/
Cirez D - Glow
Tilt - Twelve (Max Graham Remix)
Sworn - U Donít Feel (Dub Mix)
Shiloh - Dream On (Luke Chable Remix)
Tilt - Goodbye
Orbital - Belfast (Leama and Moor Remix)

Also available as 320kbps download.

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