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Jun 19th, 2007, 18:31

Artist: Mannover
Titel: Borderline
Label: BIT Records Mexico
Katalog-Nummer: 082
Style: Progressive
Releasedate: 19.06.07

Mannover is a brand-new project initiated by producers Hyline and Yamin. Their first release is a reflection of these soulmates' synergy, acting out their love to electronic music.

The release includes three different, pushing remixes by Stereo K, Atone and AAV and will be available on www.bitrecordsmexico.com

Preview: 64kb/sec

BRM EP 082a / Mannover - Borderline ( Yamin & Hyline Insiration Remix ) (http://www.bitrecordsmexico.com/Clips/Clips_June07/Mannover_Borderline_yamin_and_hyline_Inspiration_Mix.mp3)

BRM EP 082b / Mannover - Borderline ( Stereo K across the borders Mix ) (http://www.bitrecordsmexico.com/Clips/Clips_June07/Mannover-Borderline__StereoK_across_borders_mix_preview.mp3)

BRM EP 082c / Mannover - Borderline ( Alex Aguilar Dub ) (http://www.bitrecordsmexico.com/Clips/Clips_June07/Mannover_Borderline_Alex_Aguilar_Dub_preview.mp3)

BRM EP 082d / Mannover - Borderline ( Atone Remix ) (http://www.bitrecordsmexico.com/Clips/Clips_June07/MANNOVER_BORDERLINE_ATONE_REMIX_preview.mp3)

Played by: Chris Grim ( USA), Frango (Sirion Records, CH), DJ Tarkan (No Smoking Records, TR) DJ Taucher (Adult Music, GER), Xaric ( France), Kaya (Izmir, TR), Ingo Vogelmann ( L2 Music, GER ), Chris Cosy ( Ohral.de, GER), Gerardo Boscarino ( ARG) and many more

Starting june 19th this year, the release will be featured exclusively on www.beatport.com and then appear on other renowned portals such as http://www.audiojelly.com, http://www.mosdownload.com, http://www.djdownload.com, http://www.resonantvibes.com, http://www.beatsdigital.com/brm, http://www.releaserecords.com, http://www.junodownload.com, and http://www.trackitdown.net.

lucky greetings

hyline & yamin :)