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Oct 19th, 2014, 21:55
Short intro: the show gets aired once a month, every 3rd Monday, from 18 CET. http://www.insomniafm.com is that place.
Genres spanned can go from dark creepy hypnotic techno, to exalting deep house & tech-house. Here and there you'll meet with experimental, indie, trip-hop tracks, old or new; blending them in - a constant challenge I lay in front of me when mixing.
What if you miss the show? 3 days later it is there: https://soundcloud.com/butoane


Tomorrow, the 20th of October from 18 CET tune-in to http://www.insomniafm.com for a special number 99th episode of Illegal Grooves. We're going to celebrate this one with some twisted techno beats. And not just, check out the exprimental highly synthetized pitched madness and the tribal african drumming. Dance on sugar. Take flight from 4500 feet, become airborne. We return on the ground in the end with dark bass, hypnotized still from what has just happened. We move on. This was my feeling when listening, how about you?
Thank you guys for checking me out from time to time :) Peace!
https://soundcloud.com/butoane where the mix will be up by Friday the 24th

Dec 13th, 2014, 12:18
This Monday from 18 CET we are celebrating 101 edition of Illegal Grooves only on http://www.insomniafm.com
101 dalmatians for those nostalgic.
Gradually uprising, slowing down, taking us into a dreamy state, hanging, maintaining a level where spirits float.
Rising again, with tech-house and mantaining the dance level with some Hollywood Flu. Last track, one of my favorites of this year, which is about to end and I must say, it was maddness, for me at least..void.
That's it, hope you'll like it.
For more stuff check out http://soundcloud.com/butoane
Thank you for the support.

Dec 14th, 2014, 18:02
A selection from what I played most, enjoyed most, during 2014. A few words in the beginning for all of you those out there.
Enjoy ( : Good health to you all, clear mind, and wishes hoped for to come vividly true!
/list with tracks, 25th of December.

Dec 25th, 2014, 21:46
December's edition. This set speaks a lot about a shift I took lately, in music, and life. Hope you guys enjoy it, feedback always welcomed ( :
visit the #forum www.insomniafm.com/forum/index.html, look me up and get track lists.
See you next year!

Jan 18th, 2015, 17:22
Tomorrow 19th of January, Illegal Grooves goes #102 @http://www.insomniafm.com/ (http://www.insomniafm.com/)
First edition for this year, got some nice tracks grooved and re-grooved. Get close to those speakers around 18CET tomorrow! Cheeri00s!

Jan 23rd, 2015, 16:07
First edition for 2015 of Illegal Grooves. Hopefully it finds you all healthy and hungry for some good music. With both tendencies, progressive and deep-house, the set brings together tracks I think we are all familiar with. Most of them are on my favourites list, and after listening, maybe some of them will turn up the same for y' all.
Released 19.01.2015, episode number 102

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Feb 15th, 2015, 13:26
Illegal Grooves 103

February's edition exclusively brought to us by http://www.insomniafm.com
Tune in your mind and ears tomorrow, Monday the 16th of February from 18 CET to the number 103 edition
of Illegal Grooves.
Kicking in strong with some aggresive techno, going deep then, deep techno, followed by dreamy minimal sounds.
Stick in until the end to see the surprise.
Spring is approaching!
https://soundcloud.com/butoane/febropromo #promo

Feb 23rd, 2015, 14:15
February's edition exclusively brought to us by http://www.insomniafm.com
Illegal Grooves number 103
Many co-nationals, enjoy!
released: 16.02.2015