View Full Version : Help Me Win A Slot To Open For Tiesto

Jun 29th, 2007, 08:19
Hey guys, I need your help so I can open for Tiesto on Augest 22nd here in my Home town in Minnesota. the process is really quick and easy, it takes less than two minutes to do. I need all the help i can get, and it would be great to see this wonderful community to come to my aid. Just follow the directions below and cross your fingers.

reply if ya do vote please :)


2) Fill out your email address in the box that is given.

3) Check the Only the Box that is Next To Daniel Davis. (It allows you to check and vote for up to two people, but don't... just check my name)

4) Click "Vote" at the Bottom

The voting pool will only be open until July 6th. Don't try to vote more than once... this system counts your IP address so it will have no affect. please spred the word and help me live my dream of playing in front of one of the biggest influences in my life. Thanks again and God Bless

Jul 4th, 2007, 20:54
done :)

Itll be nice see your pics playing before mr tijs with the AH tshirt :p

Jul 4th, 2007, 21:35
voted for you. Good luck, i hope you win.....:hello:

Vicky Wood
Jul 5th, 2007, 00:11
Hi Daniel, I see you posted on another forum about this so I've already voted for you.

If you're good enough to open for PvD & Andy Moor then you're good enough for Tiesto :)

Best of luck

Vicky xoxo

Jul 8th, 2007, 23:52
what if i changed my ip or used a vpn