View Full Version : INXS - Afterglow (Randy Boyer Mixes)

Jul 5th, 2007, 13:10
All right everyone, I have tried countless times to try and connect with the label on this remix, and after no response I just take it that they are not going to sign it to give it a major push. So as upcoming artists / producers do, we work our asses off and take things in our own hands by doing all sorts of grass root marketing, and this is where it all starts. I appreciate all the support and e-mails that I have received about this mix. There are 2 versions from you to choose from. The "Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla aka EnMass Mix" is definitely the main anthem. If you are starting off a night and need a really nice 130 House / Prog mix grab my "Randy Boyer remix". All I ask in return is to spread the love to anyone who asks, send them to my website, and have them sign up for my weekly newsletter by CLICKING HERE (http://www.randyboyer.com/). If you are not signed up on my weekly newsletter, then please do so now. I give away things all the time, and have exclusive links to exclusive remixes & mixes. Feel free to leave a comment on my Forum. It needs some use!

Randy Boyer share his 2 beautiful remixes with everyone, who is signed up to his newsletter:wow:

Randy Boyer remix was played couple of weeks age in GDJB, it's very nice progressive mix:lollypop: I love it:love:
And the Randy Boyer & Eric Tadla aka EnMass remix was played also couple of weeks ago in ASOT, it's harder and more uplifting version than the first one.


Jul 6th, 2007, 18:52
Nice find - I love this tune, and I've only heard it on ASOT. I've signed up for the newsletter and received a confirmation, but I'm now waiting for the download links...I can't wait!