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Oct 30th, 2007, 02:29
Does anyone know of anything happening in Vancouver between like Dec 25/07 and Jan 05/08? Obviously there's NYE parties, but any particular djs/groups going? Trance, hardstyle, goa-psy, no matter :)

Nov 5th, 2007, 02:53
the New years eve rave Blank & Jones are headlining it, going to be a pretty crazy party I'll get the rest of the info for you.

Nov 5th, 2007, 06:15
Awesome, thanks a lot :). I'm going to be down there around that time I think and would really like to go to some fun things.

Still upset that I can't go to G&D and Lisa Lashes on the 16th and 17th of Nov :(

Nov 9th, 2007, 05:09
Mon Dec 31 - SOLID NYE 2008 w/John Askew, Shy Brothers @ Pacific Coliseum, along with Blank & Jones and many more.

Nov 9th, 2007, 05:10
Sat Nov 3 - Donald Glaude @ Hush [VICTORIA]
Sat Nov 3 - Steve Angello (Sweden) @ Red Room Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event78124.html)
Sat Nov 3 - BEATZ AND SIGNALS: A BENEFIT FOR CFRO @ Lotus Info (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event78973.html)
Wed Nov 7 - Miguel Migs @ Garfinkles [WHISTLER]
Thu Nov 8 - Miguel Migs, DJ MFR @ Caprice Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event78127.html)
Fri Nov 9 - Seb Fontaine @ Sonar Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event76405.html), Thread (http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=443459&forumid=27&s=)
Fri Nov 9 - Steve Aoki @ Celebrities Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event78820.html)
Sun Nov 11 - Stanton Warriors @ Sugar [VICTORIA]
Sun Nov 11 - LOTUS LONG WEEKEND: LAST CALL @ Lotus Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event79043.html)
Wed Nov 14 - Stanton Warriors @ Tommy Africa's [WHISTLER]
Thu Nov 15 - Dirty South @ Tommy Africa's [WHISTLER]
Thu Nov 15 - Lawnchair Generals @ Caprice Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event78194.html)
Fri Nov 16 - Gabriel & Dresden @ Celebrities (3 hour set) Thread (http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=433622&forumid=27&s=), Info only (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event75721.html)
Fri Nov 16 - Bassnectar @ Sugar [VICTORIA]
Sat Nov 17 - Dirty South @ Sonar Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event79175.html)
Sat Nov 17 - SIMPLE X w/Lisa Lashes, Anne Savage @ Maritime Labour Centre Thread (http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=441046&forumid=27&s=), Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event79020.html)
Thu Nov 22 - Johnny Fiasco - ALBUM RELEASE PARTY @ Lotus Info (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event79483.html)
Thu Nov 22 - Global Deejays @ Caprice Tix (http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/11003F587A857EF7?artistid=1170733&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=201) , Info & More Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event79563.html)
Fri Nov 23 - Lee Burridge @ Celebrities Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event78339.html), Thread (http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=442890&forumid=27&s=)
Sat Nov 24 - Hardfloor (Germany) (Live) @ Lotus Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event78796.html)
Thu Nov 29 - REV FLIGHT 48 w/Steve Porter, Kevin Shiu @ Richard's Thread (http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=440672&forumid=27&s=), Free Tix (http://www.reverage.com/)
Thu Nov 29 - Kenny Glasgow, Death To Sexy @ Shine Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event79713.html)
Fri Nov 30 - Sultan @ Celebrities

Sat Dec 1 - BIG SEXY FUNK w/A. Skillz, Curtis Santiago @ Shine Thread (http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=443015&forumid=27&s=), Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event79494.html)
Sun Dec 2 - Spice Girls @ GM Place www.thespicegirls.com (http://www.thespicegirls.com/), No Tix (http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/11003F3B9742AD5C?artistid=781267&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1) * SOLD OUT * http://img.tranceaddict.com/smilies/eek.gif
Wed Dec 5 - Bad Boy Bill @ Bar None Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event79737.html)
Fri Dec 7 - Ewan Pearson @ Celebrities
Fri Dec 7 - Bassnectar @ Plaza Info & Tix Soon (http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/11003F5E9770911E?artistid=1172142&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=5)
Sat Dec 8 - Bad Boy Bill @ Hush [VICTORIA]
Mon Dec 10 - Bad Boy Bill @ Garfinkles [WHISTLER]
Sat Dec 15 - Shapeshifters @ Sonar
Sat Dec 15 - GRACELAND REUNION PARTY @ Richard's Info & Tix (http://www.clubzone.com/events/event79542.html)
Mon Dec 17 - Shapeshifters @ Garfinkles [WHISTLER]
Fri Dec 28 - MSTRKRFT @ Celebrities
Sat Dec 29 - Markus Schulz @ Richard's Thread (http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=443986&forumid=27&s=)
Mon Dec 31 - SOLID NYE 2008 w/John Askew, Shy Brothers @ Pacific Coliseum

Nov 13th, 2007, 11:35
Well damn, thanks a TON for all of that info :). If I'm lucky I'll get to see Markus and the NYE party :super:

Dec 2nd, 2007, 22:26
No worries Mate.

Dec 4th, 2007, 23:37
Got my ticket for markus in the mail, just waiting for ah.fm tshirt now and i'm good to go! :D

Dec 9th, 2007, 19:50
I'll be at Markus too! :)

Dec 21st, 2007, 11:37
Awesome, I'll be seeing you there, myself and Kim(GF) and 5 other firends will be there aswell.
I'll have my AH t-shirt handy.:super:

Dec 28th, 2007, 23:22
Awesome, I'll be seeing you there, myself and Kim(GF) and 5 other firends will be there aswell.
I'll have my AH t-shirt handy.:super:

awesome man, hope to see ya there :grinning: my hair isn't purple though anymore so I'll be harder to spot hehe :mask:

I might go to organix @ club 23 tonight for their psytrance night, since it doesn't seem like there's much else, but c'est la vie.

Jan 20th, 2008, 09:26
Pleasure meeting you in person Noir, hope you had a great time.

Jan 31st, 2008, 02:38
Just letting everyone know that there is a Daft Punk tribute dj show at the Biltmore Cabaret I'll be working door there that night so if you do drop by make sure to say hello... Also keep an eye out for March @ the Commodore Ballroom, the dj's known as JUSTICE are comming back to play another show, they're like daft punk with the french house but, just a little bit harder when it comes to the beat and basslines

Feb 1st, 2008, 18:29
trhx Hades, probably won't make it this event, but may be at the biltmore for another event, is this your regular venue?

Mar 25th, 2008, 20:45
Hey Guys!

Tonight is JUSTICE! Anyone going? Hope to see some of you there =) Sounds like it'll be a great night! Come say hi if you'll be there =D I'll be the one on the front door with no voice haha!

May 2nd, 2008, 04:28
So there's a few more great shows coming up.
Markus Shulz on Canada Day(July 1) AGAIN in Vancouver. Nice.

who's going?

May 2nd, 2008, 07:53
dont know how far of a drive it is for you guys there to Seattle but Tiesto at the end of the month.

May 3rd, 2008, 01:20
dont know how far of a drive it is for you guys there to Seattle but Tiesto at the end of the month.

Wow, I'd be there in a minute, but I just saw Tiesto in Puerto Vallarta on the Beach, :super:
It was the best experience of my life(with Tiesto) so far:super::grinning:

But I'll go to almost any top 1000 in Seattle.

Keep me in the loop.

Jun 21st, 2008, 15:53
Markus Schulz on July 1st, then Ferry Corsten heads up IMF 2008 @ the Pacific Coliseum :D I can't wait to see that show, should be good!!

Did anyone manage to catch Above & Beyond when they were here on June 19? They packed Celebrities right to the brim and, as usual, pulled out an amazing show!!

and if you're into House, Mark Farina will be playing the Commodore Ballroom again (the last time he was here was in February) on July 18th. :grinning:

Much love,

Jun 22nd, 2008, 18:16
Hey Kitten, we were at Celeb's for Above & Beyond, excellent show, one of my favourites this year.
I was there sporting my ever popular AH.FM T-shirt.
I try to get to as many of these as possible.

Next up is Markus Shulz on Canada day.

We also saw Josh Gabriel the previous week at Richards on Richards. Very impressive.

We were attempting Blank and Jones the day after A&B, but just couldn't muster up the strength.

Aug 22nd, 2008, 07:43
A few of us are heading to Cyber @ Plaza of Nations Friday Aug 22, to see Thrillseekers Steve.

Udpdated August 25, 2008:
OK, a bunch of us went, had a great time
Cyber holds 4oo people, it was about half full, most of which were club regulars not particularily knowing who Thrillseekers is.
The sound in the club isn't very good.
The tracks played were awesome, but sometimes hard to hear cause of all the drunk teenagers :-)

Would love to see Steve Helstrip in a larger club with better sound.
Steve, if your reading this, thx for a great night, even with all the whistlers, and somebody gave a girl a tamborine to play with. Too funny, she had no rythm, I would have had the sense to hide it if it made it to my hands.

Sep 15th, 2008, 20:50
Doomsnight October 31st is going to be a so called mega night, unfortunetaly they haven't released who will be headlining, but one of the lads that is promoting said it's a huge dj in the progressive trance scene.. I'll be releasing the info as soon as it comes up :)

Sep 19th, 2008, 07:18
Thanks Hades, let us know.

Sep 19th, 2008, 07:20
Armin Van Buuren at Plush on Both;
Thursday Oct 9, 2008 and
Friday Oct 10, 2008

Myself and several friends are going on the 10th.
Hope to see some of you locals there.

Dec 27th, 2008, 01:11
Markus Shulz, Vancouver, BC, Canada, at Richards on Richards on Saturday Dec 27, 2008.
We have 1 extra ticket, if somebody needs one, let me know soon.

Mar 14th, 2009, 04:30
i may go, can you get me a ticket?
(for July 1st)
im finally 19 xD so i can go, will pay you for the ticket

Mar 17th, 2009, 00:21
If it interests anyone, here are some upcoming shows in the near future:

Gareth Emery, Menno De Jong, and Blake Jarell @ Richards on Richards on March 20th.

Armin Van Buuren is coming back to Vancouver on April 8 and will be @ the Commodore Ballroom.

Dave Dresden will be @ Richards on Richards on April 10th and Daniel Kandi will be playing at the Maritime Labour Centre on April 11th.

And for the first time ever the legendary Paul Van Dyk will be headlining an all nighter event in Western Canada! He will be performing at the PNE coliseum on Friday, May 22nd @ Fusion Dreams. The first all nighter dance event of 2009!

Hope to see you guys there! :)

Jul 22nd, 2009, 01:14
Sorry dweich002, I didn't get to read this post and your request for a ticket. If you went, I was there. Awesome.

Jul 22nd, 2009, 01:17
Gareth Emery and Martin Roth, plus many others on the Queen of Diamonds Vancouver.
Plus a bonus for early bird purchasers was the after party at MINT nightclub with The Thrillseekers, next to dock at Plaza of Nations.
For those who haven't purchased tickets, it appears they are sold out.
But maybe we'll see you at MINT for the Thrillseekers.
Here's a link:
UNION Yacht Party, Gareth Emery (UK), Martin Roth (GER), Thrillseekers (UK), Vancouver BC, Friday, August 21, 2009, Queen of Diamonds (http://www.clubzone.com/events/Vancouver/129485/union-yacht-gareth-emery-roth-thrillseekers-trance)