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Dec 11th, 2007, 04:53
So next year i will be trying to bring EDM to my University by hosting weekly trance parties. I made these posters to get people pumped. Tell me what you think.


Dec 11th, 2007, 08:20
amazing, very nice!

Dec 11th, 2007, 21:57
Um...I think you spelled Premiere wrong..

And if you want to bring *edm* to your universe, dont just play trance, add in some prog and house too

Dec 12th, 2007, 14:56
That one with the dancer in the middle is nice!

Bring in some Progressive and House too;)


Dec 12th, 2007, 17:24
1. nice work. regarding the middle one, u mite wanna try using a more realistic girl. of course, she's gotta be hot.
2. just my personal opinion here, but regarding "EDM"... i really like trance & pretty much only trance. for me the other genre's just don't turn me on--trance simply towers above the rest with its emotional power, its flowing melodies & when vocals/lyrics are added its just out of this world. however, some drums n' bass is a nice way bring the crowd down off the clouds... at any rate, go for a pure "trance theme" if you're the one calling the shots (& that's what YOU wanna do).
good luck from tallahassee! -steve.
(p.s., i've visited VT's campus a couple times & i'll always remember that sad day last April.)

Dec 13th, 2007, 05:26
Good call on the premier spelling. I fixed it. And I do play to play house as well as trance, but more people know what trance is so I put that on the poster. Thanks for the help.

Dec 13th, 2007, 06:49
thats a sick idea
like a club on campus haha
good luck getting it started that will be sweet as soon as its crackin

Dec 14th, 2007, 00:05
3rd pic is the best of them... :)

Dec 15th, 2007, 20:42
I'd like the 1st poster... shortly ... it's cool :)

Dec 20th, 2007, 08:45
Very cool!! Virginia Tech! How far are you from the DC area ? If you can try coming out to Fur Nightclub ;)
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Dec 20th, 2007, 15:58
Nice posters! :)