View Full Version : How things are going on your local?

Nov 19th, 2020, 06:33
Has your own city/state done a good job so far for containing Covid-19 cases?

We're all got bothered and worried when this pandemic hit the world. We became anxious about our health, our safety, and our family's and loved ones' so it's better to know that in our backyard and community that we are safer inside compare to other places.

Nov 24th, 2020, 09:39
I live in rural area. Many people here still think it’s a hoax. I see more and more people wearing masks, but still there are many who do not.

This state has topped one million cases and is closing on 20,000 deaths, yet still deniers fight restrictions in places like El Paso, where they have ten mobile morgue trucks set up and they’re ordering more.

It's just very sad to hear for those who are greatly affected. I just found out about this article and I thought I could share and leave it here, a good read for most of us that's trying to maintain our well-being during these days. Always keep yourself safe. :)


Nov 27th, 2020, 12:15
I'm glad to know that you are still safe during this pandemic. I guess it will never be easy to change people's perspectives, especially during this pandemic. There will always be conspiracies and people who support it. I just wish that this pandemic will end and that vaccines will do its job once it comes available.
Oh, and thanks for sharing that article. I've been having fun reading and it actually helped to keep my wits intact these days.

Nov 30th, 2020, 11:53
You're welcome. :)